Exercise can help control sugar, and diabetes patients are also taboo?


Everyone knows that in addition to controlling diet, exercise is also a good way to lower blood sugar because exercise can consume excess calories in the body, thereby reducing blood sugar levels.So, how can sugar friends exercise to really lower blood sugar?For diabetics, you can choose moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, such as walking, medium-speed walking, jogging, jumping aerobics, tai chi, cycling, etc. These non-vigorous exercises are more suitable for sugar friendsof.Among many sports, walking is the safest and easy to stick to, which is more suitable for the elderly.Keep no less than 150 minutes a week, and at least 30 minutes of exercise each time can achieve a better sugar control effect.For healthy people, there is no contraindication in choosing exercise time, but for diabetic patients, you need to pay attention.The blood sugar of a diabetic patient is very unstable, and when the patient is exercising, the body consumes energy, thereby affecting the blood sugar, causing the blood sugar to fluctuate.Therefore, it is more suitable for such patients to exercise one hour after a meal, and it can also avoid hypoglycemia coma caused by not eating in time and exercising too much.When exercising, there are still some sports taboos that you need to pay attention to, such as: 1. Avoid morning exercises. Many people will feel that the morning air is relatively fresh, and people will also have a good mood. Morning exercises are better, why should they be taboo?What?It should be known that although the air is better in the morning, the temperature is relatively low, and the sympathetic nerves of the human body are relatively easy to be excited. Under the stimulation of cold air, it is easy to induce other diseases.In addition, many people exercise in the morning on an empty stomach, which can easily cause hypoglycemia and even coma. Therefore, it is not suitable to exercise in the morning.2. Avoid violent training. Many diabetic patients want to quickly consume excess sugar in the body through a lot of exercise.However, high-intensity exercise also has higher requirements on the body. Excessive exercise will not only benefit, but it may cause hypoglycemia in severe cases. When the blood sugar level in the body fluctuates up and down, it isThere is no benefit.3. Avoid taking the stone road. The nerves of diabetic patients are less sensitive and insensitive to external stimuli. In many cases, they are not aware of the injury, so for patients, they need to protect themselves, especially their feet.If accompanied by pathological changes of the lower extremity blood vessels, the wound healing ability will be reduced, and the wound will continue to be infected and ulcerated.So for diabetics, it is better to take a smoother path.Remember not to go to the meridian with bare feet to pass through the meridians, as this can easily hurt your feet.


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