Drinking coffee often has many benefits, even preventing stomach cancer?


For many “social animals” who go to bed late and get up early, it is difficult to start a day’s work clearly without a refreshing cup of coffee every morning.Some people are often caught in the tangles of drinking coffee or milk tea. It also has a refreshing effect. Coffee is almost a clear stream in the beverage industry. Not only will it not be easy to get fat like milk tea and cola, it is even beneficial to our health.Drink more coffee to prevent stomach cancer?Previous research on coffee and health has often focused on cardiovascular issues. Recently, a research team from Calissi University in Colombia published an article saying that drinking more coffee may also reduce the risk of stomach cancer.The study analyzed the average annual coffee intake of residents in 25 countries, as well as the incidence and mortality of gastric cancer.After adjusting for factors affecting age, it was found that 7 kilograms of coffee per person per year may reduce gastric cancer mortality.Based on coffee containing caffeine, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, polyphenols, coffee spring, coffee white fat and other main ingredients, these ingredients are considered to have certain antioxidant and anti-tumor effects.Researchers believe that coffee can increase the bioavailability of total gastrointestinal health Kang Liu and antioxidant substances, thereby reducing the incidence and mortality of gastric cancer.Of course, there are many ways to make coffee, which also affects the accuracy of coffee intake to a certain extent, because the study has certain limitations.In order to prevent stomach cancer and forcibly drink a few cups of coffee, it is obviously unnecessary.Although the coffee is good, don’t be greedy for people who like to drink coffee. Sometimes I want to drink three or four cups a day.However, some people are very sensitive to caffeine, and they start to get “drunken” before finishing a drink.According to the recommendation of the World Health Organization, the adult’s single caffeine intake should be controlled below 200mg, and the overall intake should not exceed 400mg. In terms of coffee types currently on the market, 1-3 cups a day is the mostsuitable.Because, when ingesting a larger dose of caffeine, it will excite our respiratory center and vascular movement center.At this point we will have shortness of breath, increased blood pressure, and dilated blood vessels, which in turn cause us to be restless, headache, palpitations, and insomnia.When excessive intake of caffeine, it may cause poisoning or even death.Relevant data show that the lethal amount of oral caffeine in adults is 10g.The original content of ( may not be reproduced without authorization, and offenders will be investigated.For content cooperation, please contact: 0000 or 0000


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