These symptoms often indicate a stroke!


Stroke is a very terrible thing, it will kill you at any time if the treatment is not timely.Therefore, when symptoms of stroke appear, you must rescue in time.Of course, first of all we have to know what are the symptoms of stroke.What is a stroke?Stroke is a Chinese medicine name, but modern medicine has another explanation about what a stroke is.The so-called stroke is a disease that occurs in the craniocerebral region. There are generally two types of symptoms: cerebral hemorrhage caused by rupture of cerebral blood vessels, and symptoms caused by insufficient supply of certain parts of the brain caused by cerebral vascular occlusion.If it is a stroke caused by cerebral hemorrhage, intracranial pressure will increase, and after the nerve tissue in the brain is compressed, there will be problems with language and motor function.Cerebral vascular occlusion also destroys brain tissue, resulting in symptoms of stroke.What are the symptoms of stroke?So, how can you tell if a person has a stroke from the symptoms?When a person has a stroke, he will have the following symptoms: 1 Facial muscles, arms or legs suddenly become numb or weak, and this often happens on the side of the body; 2 Suddenly speaking is difficult and it is difficult to understand others speakingContents; 3 One or two eyes suddenly have difficulty seeing things; 4 Sudden difficulty walking, dizziness, difficulty balancing or coordinating the body; 5 Sudden severe pain in the head.If the above symptoms appear, they should be sent to the hospital immediately.According to research by the University of California, when a person has a stroke, blood supply to the brain will be hindered. Every 1 minute of treatment delays, about 1.9 million neurons will be lost. After 1 hour of delay, the brain will suffer from hypoxiaDamage, the degree of damage is equivalent to 3.6 years of natural aging.These will lead to a serious decline in the patient’s language, exercise, memory and other abilities, more serious will cause death.There are four main causes of stroke: Hypertension: High blood pressure is prone to cerebral hemorrhage and increased intracranial pressure, which leads to stroke.Vascular blockage: Vascular occlusion is also prone to stroke symptoms.The blood vessel wall is fragile: When the blood vessel wall is fragile, cerebral hemorrhage is prone to occur, leading to stroke.Stimulated: Stimulated, it is easy to raise blood pressure and cause cerebrovascular occlusion and other problems, resulting in stroke.High blood pressure, high blood fat, and the elderly are the people with high incidence of stroke. It should be noted that people who are easily emotional and often stay up late have unhealthy blood vessels, and there is also a high risk of stroke.


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