There are always cancer patients who are afraid of radiotherapy. What are they afraid of?


Some cancer patients worry that they will die faster after receiving radiotherapy. In fact, this statement is not groundless. The reason is the side effects of radiotherapy.In the radiotherapy treatment of tumors, it is often accompanied by many side effects. Therefore, doctors are very cautious when choosing treatment methods. For patients with weak physical fitness and older patients, they need to undergo a comprehensive evaluation to pursue the besttreatment effect.The side effects that occur during radiotherapy may also affect the patient’s anti-cancer effect if they are not alleviated in a timely manner.Therefore, as the patient itself, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of its side effects in order to better avoid it.After receiving radiotherapy, these side effects often occur. 1. The skin at the treatment site of redness and swelling is sensitive, and it looks red and wrinkled.A few weeks later, the skin of cancer patients became dry due to radiotherapy.Regarding this condition, the doctor should be notified of these symptoms, and some drugs should be used to correct it.Under certain conditions, the skin undergoing radiotherapy will be slightly darker than before.From the skin’s point of view, why does radiation therapy die faster? Many patients have red, swollen skin, rashes, and ulcers. If they are not treated in time, it will aggravate the condition and affect the life span.2. During fatigue radiotherapy, the body consumes a lot of energy to recover itself.Most people will feel tired after a few weeks of radiotherapy, and it will be more exhausting to follow the radiotherapy.If you do n’t rest well, you always do this and that. When you go up and down, the results are too exhausted, the healing effect is not obvious, and the condition is not controlled, and you die quickly.Therefore, to prevent this situation, it is necessary to ensure that the body and mind are not tired.3. Hair loss treatment will cause hair loss (alopecia) at the treatment site.Many patients know that their hair will grow out of the head after treatment, but it is still difficult for them to get used to hair loss.The amount of hair growth depends on the patient’s radiation dose and the choice of radiation therapy.From the point of view of hair loss, why does radiation therapy die faster? That is because many people who love beauty may worry that hair loss may feel that the hair is ugly and ugly, and they can’t bear it, so they abandon the treatment, which directly affects the healing effect.4. Low mood Many patients will feel sad, fearful, angry, defeated, lonely or helpless.You may also feel tired from radiation therapy and then damage your mood.From the point of view of mood, many people are in a low mood, inactive in cooperative treatment, or even abandoning treatment. The results of the treatment are not perfect, so the disease cannot be controlled, and the life is over.5. Decreased appetite During treatment, you may have no appetite at all, but even if you are not hungry, it is important to eat more protein and calories.Clinical data shows that patients with good appetite can better resist cancer and the side effects of radiotherapy.


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