Dental floss vs toothpick, which one is better?


After eating and drinking, one of the favorite things Chinese people do is pick their teeth with toothpicks.The toothpick is inserted into the tooth gap, picking and pulling, and the shredded meat stuck in the tooth gap will be immediately exposed, giving people an inexplicable sense of accomplishment.However, after the toothpick is used, you will find that your teeth are getting wider and wider, the teeth are getting looser, and the whole mouth is not good.At this time, many people will replace dental floss with dental floss.In recent years, as people’s awareness of oral health has increased, many people have begun to use dental floss.Compared with dental floss, which is better for dental care?Dental floss vs toothpick, which nursing effect is good?The answer must be dental floss.First let’s take a look at the toothpick, what are the shortcomings.Using toothpicks is not only unsafe, but also environmentally friendly. The texture of toothpicks is hard and thick. It is easy to hurt the gums when picking teeth with toothpicks. It is also difficult to remove food debris from the clean teeth.It is easier to induce oral inflammation.In addition, there are also many toothpicks on the market with excessive bleach and unqualified disinfection.Secondly, we turn our attention to the dental floss.Dental floss is a flat, soft thread that does not hurt the gums or widens the teeth. It is also easy to carry.At the same time, when you use dental floss, you can effectively remove the residues in the teeth and the plaque adjacent to the teeth, so that the soft dirt and food debris hidden in the teeth and the neck can be completely removed, which can preventThe role of oral diseases.When using dental floss, please note: For people who are used to using toothpicks, using dental floss may not be used to it, and it is more difficult to master its use skills.But in fact, the more you use dental floss, the faster your teeth will become.To use dental floss, we should stick to the following points: 1. Use dental floss at least once a day; 2. Use dental floss before brushing your teeth, so that it will become part of your daily life; 3. Cut each time you use30-40 cm conventional floss; 4. Wrap most of it around the fingers of one hand and 2-3 cm around the fingers of the other hand; 5. Slowly move the floss towards the gums,Make sure to clean both teeth.6. The use of dental floss may cause bleeding, but this problem will be resolved over time.


The author ouyangshaoxia