Five misconceptions about cancer screening

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Some people are doing physical examinations every year. The physical examination is normal, but suddenly the cancer is detected, and now the cancer is reaching advanced stages.The main reason is that you have not mastered the correct medical examination method.There are certain misunderstandings during cancer screening, so cancer cells cannot be detected early.What are the mistakes in cancer screening?1. X-ray screening for lung cancer Many people will check lung cancer through x-rays, but the resolution of x-rays is low, so the detection rate is low.If the chest x-ray examination is diagnosed with lung cancer, it has often reached advanced stages.It is recommended to use high-resolution ct to detect lung cancer with high resolution, as long as the lung cancer cells are above 0.8 cm, they will be detected.Everyone with a family history of lung cancer and middle-aged and elderly people over 50 years old should have a CT scan once a year.There is also a low-dose spiral CT, plus the biomarker detection rate can reach more than 90%.2. Use laboratory indicators to check gastric cancer. Laboratory laboratory indicators such as gastric juice, fecal occult blood, and hemoglobin can reflect the health of the stomach, but cannot detect gastric cancer.This method is not accurate and wastes money.So far, the best way to screen and diagnose gastric cancer is gastroscopy.3. Color Doppler Ultrasound Screening for Prostate Cancer Prostate color Doppler ultrasound cannot detect early prostate cancer at all, nor does it have a definitive diagnosis.Men over the age of 50 can screen for prostate cancer through the prostate-specific antigen program, which is inexpensive and the most convenient and agile method for screening prostate cancer early.4. Infrared or CT examination of breast cancer CT detection of breast cancer is not very sensitive.In addition, infrared detection is not in accordance with international standards and the machine performance is poor, the sensitivity is low, and there is a big misunderstanding.Early screening of breast cancer prefers self-examination, B-ultrasound or mammography.5. B-ultrasound examination of liver cancer Most human examinations will choose abdominal B-ultrasound, thinking that it can detect all liver problems.The early symptoms of liver cancer are not very obvious. The onset is insidious and the development rate is fast. When the liver damage reaches 70%, the symptoms will appear. It is often in the middle and late stages of liver cancer, so the best treatment time is missed.It’s just that there is a limit to the simple ultrasound examination of the abdomen, and the nature of the mass cannot be determined at all.For the detection of liver cancer, a combined test of alpha-fetoprotein and B-ultrasound is required, and the accuracy rate can reach more than 90%.Tips For people at high risk of cancer, they need to go to the hospital regularly for cancer screening.Reasonably arrange three meals a day, avoid eating cold, pickled and moldy foods, eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits, and add water reasonably.Reasonably arrange work and rest, avoid physical fatigue, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, ensure adequate sleep, and develop a good habit of regular bowel movements.


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