Attention diabetic patients!


Once you have diabetes, you have to control your blood sugar for a long time, which makes many patients wonder: Why do you have to take medicine to control your blood sugar?Because the most terrible thing about diabetes is that long-term high blood sugar leads to a worsening of the condition, which leads to a series of complications. The most headache is diabetic nephropathy.What is the performance of a kidney problem in diabetic patients?The kidney is one of the more important metabolic organs in the human body.Once the kidneys have problems, the metabolism of the whole body will fail, and a series of uncomfortable symptoms such as increased blood pressure and calf cramps will appear.1. In general, blood sugar is out of control. Diabetics should always control their blood sugar to prevent complications caused by increased blood sugar.But when a diabetic suffers from uncontrollable blood sugar, it is likely that diabetic nephropathy is at play.When kidney function declines, there will be abnormalities in filtering sugar, resulting in increased blood sugar.Once the blood sugar cannot be well controlled for a long time, it will accelerate the development of diabetic nephropathy.At this time, it is best to seek medical treatment in time.2. Sudden rise in blood pressure Most people with diabetes are usually accompanied by high blood pressure, but as long as the patient pays attention to diet, they can control high blood pressure.If a diabetic patient has a sudden increase in blood pressure under normal blood pressure, it must be considered whether it is related to diabetic nephropathy.Because the decline in kidney function will cause sodium in the body to be excreted in a timely manner, causing a sudden increase in blood pressure.3. Frequent calf cramps For patients with diabetic nephropathy, calf cramps are one of the more common symptoms.This is mainly because a decrease in kidney function reduces hormones that regulate calcium metabolism, which hinders calcium absorption, which makes patients prone to osteoporosis and other problems, such as calf cramps.4. Body edema The kidneys regulate most of the body’s water, but diabetic patients suddenly have symptoms of body edema, such as edema symptoms on the face, ankles and lower limbs. At this time, it is likely that diabetic nephropathy is in trouble.In addition, if the patient has severe diabetic nephropathy, proteinuria is likely to occur.At first, the protein in urine is relatively small, and when the amount of proteinuria in urine is increasing, it indicates that patients are likely to develop renal failure and uremia, which is the most serious consequence of diabetic nephropathy.How do diabetics prevent complications of kidney disease?1 Control blood pressure Diabetics should control their blood pressure and try to keep the blood pressure in a stable state.Because when the diabetic patient does not control the blood pressure and the blood pressure rises and cannot fall for a long time, it is very likely to cause diabetic nephropathy.Therefore, to prevent diabetic nephropathy, controlling blood pressure is critical.Diabetics should choose their own antihypertensive drugs under the guidance of doctors, so as to better stabilize blood pressure and protect the kidneys, preventing the occurrence of diabetic nephropathy.2 Control protein intake When diabetic patients want to maintain kidney health, they must control protein intake.In addition, human life activities are also inseparable from protein, so diabetics should try to choose some high-quality protein, such as usually can eat some lean meat, milk, eggs and so on.3 Pay attention to the blood lipid level. When the patient’s blood lipid concentration is too high, it will lead to the disorder of fat metabolism, which will cause abnormal renal function.Therefore, patients usually have to control the cholesterol and triglyceride values.In daily life, it is best to quit smoking and alcohol, exercise properly, and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.This can better prevent the occurrence of diabetic nephropathy.When there are abnormalities in the body, it is best not to delay, and go to the hospital for examination in time is the correct way.


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