Blood pressure soars, and hypertensive patients are alert to these three dangerous moments!


Hypertensive patients must start from the day they are diagnosed with high blood pressure, and start from all aspects of life, paying attention to their lives and eating habits.In medical statistics, there are indeed a few moments in a day that are the peak period for the occurrence of sudden cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. What are the moments that hypertension patients need to pay special attention to?Attention hypertension patients, beware of the three dangerous moments!Whether it is a hypertensive patient or a healthy person, our blood pressure will fluctuate several times within a day.Normally, after we fall asleep at night, our blood pressure will start to drop, reaching its lowest point at more than 2am.And after waking up the next day, our blood pressure will gradually increase, and there will be certain fluctuations.In this day of blood pressure “ups and downs”, you need to be alert for the following moments!1. During the day after waking up, the peak of blood pressure appears between 6 and 9 in the morning.This is also the most dangerous time for patients with hypertension.Because the human sympathetic nerve is also in an excited state at this time, the heartbeat is relatively fast, and the blood pressure becomes high at this time.In addition, when people fall asleep, there is no additional water supplement, and the body’s water is lost a lot during sleep, the viscosity of blood will be relatively high.At this time, hypertensive patients with atherosclerotic plaques are very prone to plaque rupture, resulting in myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, or cerebral hemorrhage, and life threatens at any time.2. Generally after a full meal, after our meal, blood will shunt to the stomach and intestines for nutrient absorption.One of the reasons why many people get sleepy after a meal is that the blood is concentrated in the stomach and the brain has insufficient blood supply.At this time, the heart will increase blood output and oxygen consumption, which will greatly increase the load on the heart.Hypertensive patients are very prone to sudden illness at this time.Therefore, hypertensive patients should avoid overeating.Whether it is a person with a healthy heart and brain and blood vessels, or a patient with high blood pressure, 8-point fullness is the most suitable.3. During defecation, there will be news of sudden death when the elderly defecate on the Internet from time to time, and this often occurs in patients with hypertension.When a person squats to defecate, abdominal pressure and peripheral vascular resistance will increase, thereby causing blood pressure to rise.If there is constipation or poor bowel movements, the patient holds back the bowels, muscles and blood vessels contract together, and the pressure in the chest and abdominal cavity increases faster, causing more blood to fill the intracranial blood vessels.Venous return is blocked, and intracranial blood pressure increases sharply, which can easily lead to cerebral hemorrhage.People with high blood pressure or people with poor blood vessel elasticity are at higher risk.To prevent the harm of constipation to hypertensive patients, usually eat more vegetables, coarse grains, drink plenty of water, and regularly defecate.Studies have shown that sitting in a bowel movement reduces the risk of bowel bleeding from bowel movements.


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