When eating tofu, do n’t forget to match 3 kinds of food, the stomach is not blocked, but also calcium and iodine


Today, Xiao Ai gave you a riddle: “born in the soil, fishing in the water, walking in the middle of the stone, becoming white and boneless, and people love to eat to get high nutrition.” If you don’t check the Internet, can you guess the answer??That’s right, the answer is tofu!Tofu is a common soy product, which is very popular with everyone. Recently, some people claimed that “Eating tofu every day can protect blood vessels, prevent cancer and anti-tumor”. Although Xiao Ai also likes tofu, it has anti-cancer effect, will it be too much?Overrated tofu?The nutritional value of tofu is undeniable, the nutritional value of tofu is indeed very high.Tofu is very rich in nutrients, and its calcium content is very high. For every 100 grams of tofu, the calcium content is as high as 140 to 160 mg, which is an ideal food for supplementing calcium.In addition, tofu also contains a lot of protein, soy isoflavones, iron, lecithin, and sugars. It is a low-calorie, low-fat but high-protein food.Chinese medicine believes that tofu is cold, can nourish qi and detoxify the body and the body. It is a heat-preserving food, and eating tofu can keep you slim.Tofu is also rich in phytoestrogens. Tofu is often eaten to prevent osteoporosis.The American Cancer Society said that soybean isoflavones in tofu have anti-cancer effects, and eating tofu can supplement soybean isoflavones is of great significance for cancer prevention.In addition, tofu contains a large amount of sterol and stigmasterol, these two substances have an important role in preventing breast cancer and prostate cancer.From the above information, tofu seems to prevent cancer?So, does tofu really have anti-cancer effect?Do n’t overestimate the nutritional value of tofu. People often say that eating meat is worse than eating tofu. This is not without scientific basis.A study by the National Cancer Center of Japan found that if you use tofu instead of meat, you can prolong lifespan, because the vegetable protein in tofu is associated with reduced mortality.According to data from more than 70,000 people in Japan, replacing 3% of red meat protein with plant protein reduces the risk of death by a quarter.Dr. Hu Bingchang of Harvard University also believes that the replacement of red meat and processed meat with tofu and other plant proteins is beneficial to health.The reason why tofu can prevent cancer is due to the isoflavone component.Soy isoflavones are widely found in legumes such as tofu, also known as phytoestrogens, which regulate the level of estrogen in women, that is, when the level of estrogen in the body decreases, it can play a roleIncrease the level of estrogen; when the level of estrogen in the body is high, it can play the role of reducing the level of estrogen.Epidemiological studies have found that there is a negative correlation between the intake of soy foods and the risk of breast cancer in women. That is to say, eating more tofu, soy milk and other bean foods can avoid breast cancer risk.Everyone agrees that tofu is a “good thing”, but for tofu, people think it is a kind of “junk food”, and some even call it carcinogenic.Tofu is not carcinogenic. People think that tofu is carcinogenic. In addition to its high salt content, some people think that the process of making tofu is made of mold, which is easy to cause cancer.However, compared to other preserved foods, the salt content of tofu is not too high. Moreover, during the production process, the nutrition of its raw material, soybean, is almost not lost. The mold used to make tofu is also a useful food.The fungus can decompose the hard-to-decompose substances in tofu to form the unique flavor of tofu. These fungi do not produce toxins, so there is no carcinogen.On the contrary, eating tofu in moderation is good for your health.Tofu milk is rich in protein, B vitamins, calcium and other substances, which can promote the catabolism of nutrients in the body and maintain health.What’s more, the unique flavor of tofu is also a rare delicacy.How to eat tofu healthy?As a common food, tofu has a variety of ways to eat, learn to mix correctly, but also make the nutrition richer.Tofu with radish can avoid suffering from indigestion.Because tofu is a plant protein, if you eat too much, it is easy to cause indigestion, and the digestion ability of radish is very strong. The combination of the two can not only absorb the nutrition of tofu, but also will not cause indigestion.Tofu with kelp, not only calcium, but also iodine.Kelp is also rich in iodine, which is very delicious when paired with soup.In addition, meat and eggs with tofu, can improve the utilization of protein in tofu, nutrition is higher than half.Because tofu is rich in protein, but lacks methionine, eating tofu alone, the protein usage rate will be very low, with meat and egg foods, can improve the utilization of protein.However, although tofu is rich in nutrients, there are three types of people who are not suitable for consumption: 1. The purine value of tofu is not low, patients with gout or those with high uric acid should pay attention to the intake; 2. Tofu is cold, stomach is cold, spleen deficiencyAnd those with kidney deficiency who often have spermatorrhea are not suitable for consumption; 3. Those who are prone to bloating and diarrhea should not consume excessive tofu.The tofu looks ordinary, but the hidden “knowledge” is so deep, do you also love tofu?References: 1. Tofu’s “golden partner” and edible taboos [J]. New Countryside (Heilongjiang), 2018, (27): 188.

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