Do n’t want to get diabetes, please avoid these 4 factors


Now that diabetes is no longer a rare disease, many diabetics have begun to question that they usually pay attention to health, why do they get diabetes?Is it because I eat too much sugar, there are many reasons for diabetes, today I will explain to you in detail the causes of diabetes.Why do you get diabetes?The causes of diabetes are as follows: 1. Infection and infection occupy a very important position in all causes of diabetes, especially viral infections are very likely to cause type Ⅰ diabetes. Medical experts have found that many viruses can cause pancreatitis and induce diabetes through research.These viruses include encephalitis virus, myocarditis virus, and Coxsackie B4 virus.Insulin inflammation caused by viral infection will cause insufficient insulin secretion. At this time, everyone’s islet function will be abnormal, so that everyone’s blood sugar will rise and suffer from diabetes.In addition, the virus infection can also aggravate latent diabetes and become dominant diabetes.2. The vast majority of obesity type 1 diabetes is obese, and obesity is another important factor that induces diabetes. When you are in a frisbee, the number of insulin receptors on the fat cell membrane and muscle cell membrane is reduced.Harmony and ability will be reduced, the body’s sensitivity to insulin will be reduced a lot, resulting in the body’s use of sugar obstacles, resulting in increased blood sugar and diabetes.3. Less physical activity related clinical survey data shows that the probability of farmers and miners suffering from diabetes in our country is much lower than that of urban residents. It is speculated that it is likely to be directly related to less physical activity, and a large amount of physical activity can reduce weightPrevent the appearance of obesity, thereby increasing the sensitivity of insulin, so that blood sugar can be used reasonably without suffering from diabetes.Conversely, people who usually have less physical activity are prone to obesity, and their blood glucose cannot be properly used to induce diabetes.4. Diet structure If you eat a lot of high-fat food for a long time, it will inhibit the metabolic rate of sugar and fat, making everyone’s body very obese. At this time, it is very easy to suffer from diabetes, and perennial meat eaters suffer from diabetes.The odds are greater than the perennial vegetarians.


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