Five “signals” or tips for early esophageal cancer!


According to the National Cancer Statistics Report, esophageal cancer is one of the most common cancers in China.Unfortunately, many patients with esophageal cancer are found in the middle and advanced stages when they are discovered in the clinic, and the early detection rate is quite low. The main reason is that everyone’s health awareness is not strong enough, and they do not understand the early symptoms of esophageal cancer.If you want to detect cancer early and control its development in time, you need to know yourself and know its early symptoms!Early manifestations of esophageal cancer: 1. Pharyngeal sensation when swallowing food. The symptoms of esophageal cancer patients are mainly localized esophageal mucosal congestion, swelling, erosion, superficial ulcers and small plaque lesions. It is not very common when food passes through.Smooth, you will feel the discomfort of swallowing, this feeling is the same as choking during eating.2. There is always a foreign body in the esophagus. Patients with esophageal cancer always have some rice grains or vegetable fragments left on the esophagus wall when they eat. In this way, there will always be foreign bodies in the esophagus, parts with foreign body sensations and lesions of esophageal cancer.The locations are consistent.3. Food passes slowly and the esophageal caliber of patients with esophageal cancer becomes smaller, so that the food will feel stagnant when passing through. This feeling will only appear when eating, and will disappear after eating.Some serious patients have the same feeling of staying even after taking a sip of water.4. The throat is dry and urgent. Patients with esophageal cancer often feel that they are not very smooth when swallowing food, and have a slight pain, a little dry and tight feeling, especially if they eat some relatively dry and rough food.Sometimes, this feeling is particularly obvious.5. There is bloating and discomfort behind the sternum, and even patients with painful esophageal cancer will vaguely feel their chest discomfort, but they cannot find a specific location, and it is difficult to express clearly, that is, they feel that their body is not comfortable.In severe cases, there is pain behind the sternum when swallowing food.I hope that everyone can keep these 5 typical symptoms in mind and have to carefully observe your body in life. Once you find that you have one or more of the above symptoms, you need to seek medical diagnosis immediately without ( original content, can not be reproduced without authorization, offenders must be investigated.For content cooperation, please contact: 0000 or 0000


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