Can cancer patients take health supplements?


Today, cancer is still an astoundingly discolored disease.Once you get cancer, people tend to be desperate.Even if patients have achieved clinical cure for their cancer, they will still pin their hopes on health products, hoping that health products can improve the body’s immune function and allow the cancer to completely disappear.However, cancer patients should not take health supplements blindly, otherwise there is a risk of recurrence.Abuse health products, watch out for cancer recurrence!At present, there are many health care products that “suppress cancer” in the market. Businesses have packaged their products very “professional” through various medical terms, under the guise of “suppressing cancer recurrence” and “reducing the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy”.Attract high prices for cancer patients and their families.If the health care products are slightly effective, they will be exaggerated. If the health care products are ineffective, they will throw the pot on the patients. It is no wonder that they are terminally ill.The common people, who are eager to save their lives, are willing to spend a lot of money to buy these health products for their own health.In fact, the risk of abuse of health products is high, and patients cannot take it blindly.Recently, a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Oncology showed that cancer patients taking various dietary supplements such as antioxidants, iron supplements, and vitamin B12 may increase the risk of recurrence and death.In China, dietary supplements usually refer to health foods. Health foods are not medicines. Not only cannot they cure diseases, there is no evidence that they are effective against cancer.In addition, the sources of various health care preparations on the market are different, the prices are disparate, and the quality is not guaranteed. Cancer patients should be careful when purchasing or taking health care.Even if you want to eat, you must buy from regular channels, recognize the product brand, and it is best to buy and take under the guidance of a cancer specialist.How can cancer patients supplement nutrition?Generally speaking, if a cancer patient is in good health and has a normal appetite, there is no need to rely on health products.However, if your body is weak and your appetite is not good, you can go to the Oncology Nutrition Department for targeted diagnosis, evaluation and treatment to enhance the body’s spleen and stomach function and digestive ability, and promote nutrient absorption.For patients, usually in three meals a day, they must ensure balanced nutrition and diversified food types, including fish, meat, eggs, milk, beans and other foods. At the same time, they should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.Light, you can use a wall breaker to break the food before cooking so that the patient can swallow and digest it.


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