Normal blood glucose varies by age?


Many people think that blood glucose is related to age, and there are different opinions on this issue.Generally, we can divide into adults, elderly and children according to age. Then, blood glucose data does fluctuate slightly at different ages, but the fluctuation rate is not very large.Normal blood glucose varies by age?The statistics of the blood glucose and age comparison table are mainly to help everyone better understand whether their blood glucose falls within the standard range, and whether there is a problem of high or low blood glucose?Confirming whether the blood sugar is normal depends on fasting blood sugar and blood sugar level two hours after a meal. The combination of the two data can be used to compare the diagnosis of high blood sugar or diabetes.Children and adolescents (under 18 years of age): The fasting blood glucose value of adolescents should be between 5.0-7.2mmol / L, and the blood glucose value of two hours after a meal is 5.0-8.3mrnol / L.Of course, because children and adolescents are at the developmental stage, the endocrine level changes greatly, and the blood glucose range of children at different ages will change slightly.Adults (18-65 years old): The fasting normal blood glucose value should be less than 5.6mmol / L, and the blood glucose value two hours after a meal should be less than 7.8mmol / L. If the data is higher than these data after the test, there is a high possibility of high blood sugar.Even with diabetes.Elderly people (over 65 years of age): In general, the fasting blood glucose value of the elderly is less than 7.8mmol / L, and the blood glucose value of two hours after a meal is less than 11.1rnmol / L.Special populations: There are also some special populations, that is, the body itself suffers from other diseases, especially those who are critically ill, and the blood glucose level should be controlled between 7.8 ~ 10.Ommo / L.No matter what age you are in, you can’t have a problem with too high blood sugar levels. Try to control your blood sugar as close to the ideal level as possible.As for the data of the blood glucose and age comparison table, the above content is also summarized. In fact, strictly speaking, the blood glucose value is somewhat related to the age. It is necessary to always pay attention to the blood glucose value regardless of age, especially the obese people.In recent years, the population of patients with hyperglycemia and diabetes is getting younger. It is of great significance to protect health to take precautions in advance and reduce the incidence of diabetes.


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