Stomach pain is not a trivial matter, three manifestations or tips for advanced gastric cancer


Once the disease of gastric cancer has reached the advanced stage, there will be many painful symptoms, but when the disease has not yet spread in the advanced stage, there is still hope for treatment. Therefore, some patients with more severe gastric cancer want to know if there will be advanced gastric cancer.What are the symptoms, so let ’s talk with you today to see what are the advanced symptoms of gastric cancer?One of the symptoms of advanced gastric cancer: vomiting blood. Gastric cancer will still have gastric bleeding in the advanced stage, and the amount of bleeding is much more than in the middle period. Patients with advanced gastric cancer will not spit some bloodshot with food when they bleed.If you have vomiting blood, if symptoms occur, you must go to the hospital for treatment immediately. You must also take good care during the treatment. You ca n’t eat any hard food.Symptoms of advanced gastric cancer: organ failure After gastric cancer reaches the advanced stage, it will cause complications of other organs. The first thing that occurs is the lungs. There will be a severe cough, and there will be chest tightness and shortness of breath.It is a symptom that represents the beginning of lung failure. As the condition worsens, the condition of organ failure will become more and more serious, so when gastric symptoms are accompanied by other symptoms, gastric cancer has begun to spread or has reached the edge of spread.Symptoms of advanced gastric cancer: stool bleeding from the middle of gastric cancer will occur in the stool, but at that time only blood and stool would like to mix, not how much bleeding, but in the late stage, when the stool will be directly pulled out bright redBlood, if not used in a timely manner, or if chemotherapy is used to stabilize the disease, even if it is not fatal, and anemia and sepsis will occur.The early symptoms of gastric cancer are relatively insidious. Patients often treat their original gastritis without paying attention to it in time.I hope that all my friends can do their own stomach care, pay attention to the reasonableness of diet, pay attention not to eat spicy food often, and do not always smoke and drink. Keeping stomach diseases away from your life is the best way to prevent gastric cancer..


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