Sex hormone disorders, or ovarian problems!


Female friends’ life is getting more and more stressful, which will make them have no time to take care of their own physical conditions. At this time, many diseases will come in. Ovarian cancer is a common disease that threatens women’s health.To be treated in time, only when you understand the early symptoms of ovarian cancer can you notice and treat them in time. So, what are the early symptoms of ovarian cancer?Let’s take a look at the following introduction together.Early symptoms of ovarian cancer 1. Backache and abdominal pain: After getting ovarian cancer, female patients will have backache and back pain, because early stage ovarian cancer will cause tumor growth due to tumor growth. Failure to treat in time will lead to adhesions around the ovarian tissue.This phenomenon causes backache and abdominal pain, which makes the patient very painful.2. Lower limb and vulvar edema: For patients with ovarian cancer, lower limb and vulvar edema will also occur. In the initial stage, ovarian tumors will increase, which will compress the patient’s pelvic vein and cause blood obstruction.Symptoms, lymphatic reflux is hindered, and eventually edema of the lower limbs and vulva occurs.3. Disorders of sex hormones: Disorders of sex hormones are also one of the common symptoms of ovarian cancer. There are many reasons for inducing ovarian cancer, and the causes are very complicated, and many tissues and organs are involved. Ovarian cancer will cause some hormones to fluctuate.Large, so there is a disorder of sex hormones.4. Low menstrual flow and menopause: When women have ovarian cancer, they usually have symptoms such as low menstrual flow and menopause. However, most patients do not experience irregular menstruation, but if they are not treated in time, the tumor will be slow.Slowly increase, at this time the function of the ovaries will gradually decrease, if cancer cells spread, it may affect the ovarian tissue structure.At this time, the patient’s menstrual volume will be less and less, and severe menopause will occur.What are the early symptoms of ovarian cancer?Experts remind that if female friends find that they have the early symptoms of ovarian cancer described above, they must go to a regular hospital for examination and treatment in a timely manner. Once diagnosed, they must actively cooperate with the treatment to effectively extend their lives.


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