Is your home fat during epidemic prevention?


I was separated for a month at home, finished eating two boxes of snacks, gained 1 cm of hair, and gained 3 kg of weight … For most people, vacation means eating, drinking and drinking at home, and office workers who have already started working from homeIt also fulfilled the dream of “making money by lying down”, and operated the computer in bed to complete daily work.The problem also comes. In a month of sedentary and inactive exercise, your cardiovascular risk may have quietly increased.14 hours of sleep, 10 hours of sitting, can there be “saving”?The relationship between sleep, sedentary and cardiovascular disease risk has always been the focus of attention.So what is sedentary in the end, and how to reduce sedentary damage to the body?A large study from Australia defined sedentary behavior as sitting more than 6 hours per day.The study included more than 260,000 samples and found that the damage caused by sedentary is difficult to reverse.What we used to think of as “seat by standing” has little effect on reducing the harm of sedentary.The researchers said that the method of sitting instead of sitting has only a slight benefit for people who are not sitting for a long time, but it is not useful for people who are sedentary.Sitting instead of sitting is not effective, you can only move!Once you start the sedentary lifestyle, all you can do to save you is exercise.Researchers said that performing 1-hour moderate-intensity aerobic exercise can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease death by about 20%, but it has basically not reduced the risk of all-cause death.While walking is the “opposite”, it can reduce the risk of all-cause death by about 20%, but has no significant effect on the risk of cardiovascular death.And strenuous exercise can reduce the risk of all-cause death by about 30% and the risk of cardiovascular death by about 60%.From this point of view, to reduce the harm of sedentary, we can maintain one hour of vigorous exercise per day, or one hour of moderate intensity exercise combined with walking.Of course, the most direct and effective way to reduce the harm caused by sedentary is: don’t sit long! ( original content, can not be reproduced without authorization, offenders must be investigated.For content cooperation, please contact: 0000 or 0000


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