Have a tumor, do n’t worry, see if it ’s benign or malignant


If a tumor is detected, everyone will be scared, not only the pain of the tumor and the haze of death, but also the cost of treating the tumor.In fact, don’t rush to a conclusion when being diagnosed with a tumor.First, it is true whether the tumor is benign or malignant.Benign and malignant tumors have very different growth rates. Benign tumors grow slowly.In general, there is no sustained rapid growth or spread over a long period of time.Patients need only be treated promptly under the guidance of a doctor.Malignant tumors grow very fast and are prone to spread and endanger other organs.Harm range Benign tumors are only locally harmful and have little harm to the body.It is generally not possible to cause death if it is not grown in a critical location.Malignant tumors may appear to metastasize, which is likely to cause great harm to the human body, which may affect the whole body. Failure to seek medical treatment in time may lead to death.Mass morphology Generally speaking, the morphology of benign tumors is fixed, and the overall boundary is obvious.The boundaries of malignant tumors are blurred, with severe pain.Treatment methods For benign tumors, doctors can remove the lesion by surgery to restore the patient’s health and the chance of recurrence is very low.For malignant tumors, doctors need to develop a set of treatment plans for patients based on multiple conditions.Removal of tumors with light surgery is often not ideal.If it is diagnosed as a benign tumor, it is easier to treat and the prognosis is good.Next, let us introduce common benign tumors.Common benign tumors: Uterine fibroids Uterine fibroids are a common benign tumor of female genitals, also known as fibroids and uterine fibroids.The disease is mainly caused by muscle changes in the uterus, and uterine bleeding is one of the common symptoms of uterine fibroids.Lipoma Lipoma is a common benign tumor.Lipomas can occur in any part of the body where there is fat.Breast fibroma Breast fibroma is a common benign tumor of the breast. It is a benign tumor composed of a mixture of glandular epithelium and fibrous tissue. It occurs in young women and is related to the imbalance of sex hormones in patients.If you are diagnosed with a tumor, don’t panic, it is indeed a benign or malignant tumor.No matter what kind of tumor, we should actively cooperate with doctors to fight for an early recovery.


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