For stable blood sugar control, follow these five dietary principles


Early diabetes mainly refers to the state where the patient’s blood glucose value is slightly higher than normal. It is usually characterized by fasting blood glucose and postprandial blood glucose abnormalities. It is a good thing if you find diabetes early.There are still ways to save it. The most important point is to pay more attention to the usual diet. The following take you to understand the principles of diet for the early symptoms of diabetes?The principles of diet for the early symptoms of diabetes follow: 1. Choose staple foods with a lower glycemic index: The amount of staple foods eaten by early diabetic patients must be controlled. It is recommended that you eat more coarse grains because the sugars in the coarse grains are very small.After eating this kind of staple food, you can fill your stomach and not raise your blood sugar. If your blood sugar is controlled, your condition will be stable.2. Control the proportion of diet: The diet control mentioned here is not to let everyone not eat at all. It is not possible to starve for a long time. Not only will people become thinner and less resistant, but they will also aggravate the condition of patients with diabetes.Diabetes patients should reasonably arrange the total calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates that they consume daily on the advice of a doctor. This is called diet control.3. The eating time must be fixed and the type must be stable: everyone must have a fixed time for three meals a day to form a certain rule, and the type of food must be more and stable, and the number of snacks must be controlled as much as possible.Try not to eat.4. Avoid spicy foods: Early diabetic patients should not eat spicy and irritating foods, eat more gluttony, hunger, thirst and drink more, Yin deficiency-based foods, spicy and irritating foods will easily increase fever.The phenomenon.5. Stay away from tobacco and alcohol: Alcohol is hot, and patients with early diabetes will directly interfere with the normal metabolic function of the human body and aggravate the disease. The alcohol in alcohol can accelerate the metabolism of hypoglycemic drugs taken by diabetic patients, and the half-life of the drug is obviousShorten, this will affect the effect of reducing blood sugar.The principles that diabetes needs to follow in the diet are relatively strict. For the sake of your health, I hope that everyone can follow these principles in the diet after discovering that their blood sugar is elevated. Eventually, they will be able to control the blood sugar very well. Some serious complicationsThe disease will not appear for the time being.


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