High blood sugar, watch out for these four common diabetes complications


Diseases such as diabetes are not very serious in themselves, mainly due to complications. Some diabetic patients know that they are sick and still do not pay attention to hypoglycemic treatment and peacetime diet. Finally, they find themselves suffering from many complications.But everyone is so anxious that they want to know what to do with complications of diabetes?Then look down.What should I do if I have diabetes complications?1. The feeling of palpitations and chest tightness is most likely that patients with cardiovascular disease and diabetes have no feelings at all. If you suddenly find yourself feeling panicky, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and accompanied by dizziness, sweating, pale and other discomfort symptoms, veryThere may be complications such as cardiovascular disease. At this time, you must go to the hospital for examination to avoid accidents.2. When the eyes look blurred, it is likely that everyone with retinopathy does not have good blood sugar control. The first damage is microvessels, and the blood vessels around the eyes are the most dense and rich, so that the retina will have lesions, and gradually the strength will be blurred untilFinally, I can’t see it at all. I hope that people with diabetes should check their fundus regularly and control their blood sugar.3. Cold pain in the lower extremity is likely to be caused by neuropathy. Once the diabetic patient finds that his lower extremity is cold, it is likely to be caused by neuropathy. At this time, go to the hospital for a doctor to check the nerve. If it becomes more severe, it will becomeDiabetic foot, even severe amputation is very troublesome, I hope everyone can control blood sugar.4. Diabetic bloating and constipation. Beware of autonomic nerve damage. Diabetic patients with poor blood sugar control will cause excessive sugar in the blood. If the gastrointestinal autonomic nerve is damaged, it will cause gastrointestinal disorders and bloating and constipation.At this time, you need to take medicine for constipation and bloating under the guidance of a doctor.What should I do if I have diabetes complications?Different patients may have different periods of complications and symptoms. I hope that patients with diabetes can keep these basic knowledge in mind and take corresponding measures when they find that they have complications. Some complications can be reversed.


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