Obesity, the source of all diseases, is also good?


Obesity has basically been convicted of the “source of all diseases”, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer … wherever it is involved.A recent study published by JAMA, a leading oncology journal, found that higher BMI is better for cancer patients in some cases.Is immunotherapy better for obesity?PD-L1 antibody therapy has spread throughout the world in recent years, bringing hope to countless cancer patients, and a recent study by Flinders University in Australia found that patients with high BMI have PD-L1 antibodies for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancerAtezolizumab has a stronger response.Based on earlier studies of advanced melanoma, the team focused its attention on the relationship between BMI and the response of non-small cell lung cancer patients to atezolizumab.After analyzing the data of 2261 patients, after excluding interference, it was found that among patients receiving atezolizumab, there was a linear relationship between the increase in BMI and overall survival. Compared with patients with BMI less than 25, the overall survival was significantly improved in overweight or obese patients.In patients receiving docetaxel, high BMI failed to have a positive effect on overall survival.Although being overweight and obese increases the risk of cancer, when you get cancer, a higher BMI may bring greater survival benefits to patients during immunotherapy.Of course, the mechanism behind it needs to be further studied, don’t be so fat, and in general, BMI is still not so high.


The author ouyangshaoxia