Once suffering from hypertension, it often means that the second half of life can not be separated from the “accompaniment” of antihypertensive drugs.Controlling blood pressure is a “protracted battle”. In the process, laziness will inevitably occur. Some people don’t pay attention and the blood pressure suddenly rises. Then a dose of fierce medicine is given and the blood pressure is low.Repeated blood pressure fluctuations in this way are actually more harmful to the body.Long-term blood pressure fluctuations, beware of the risk of dementia. Blood pressure fluctuations may increase the risk of dementia through autonomic nervous disorders or hemodynamic mechanisms.A recent study conducted a 15-year follow-up of more than 5,000 people without dementia, analyzed their systolic blood pressure changes and the diagnosis of dementia, and adjusted for various interference factors to find that the systolic blood pressure changed significantly.There is a significant correlation with increased risk of dementia.The study found that large fluctuations in systolic blood pressure within 5 years may cause a significant increase in the risk of dementia in the next 15 years.Therefore, don’t think that taking medicine once again is not a big problem!


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