The cause of cancer self-healing has been found!


“It’s just a cold, drink more hot water, and you’ll be fine in a few days.” “I accidentally kicked my feet, and the ice pack was hot again. Just rest for a few days.”I didn’t rest well, I would go to bed earlier today, and maybe tomorrow. “… In life, you must have heard or even said such things, they all convey the same message: some diseases may heal themselves.Today, with the increasing incidence of cancer, people talk about cancer discoloration. The fear and worry among them come from the cancer itself, but also from the methods of treating cancer. In the understanding of many people, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other treatment methods are “kill the enemy”One thousand, self-damaging eight hundred “means, so some people put forward the idea of” cancer self-healing. “(Interviewed expert: Liu Peng, Deputy Chief Physician, Department of Oncology, Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences) Can cancer really heal itself like a common cold?We invite Liu Peng, deputy chief physician of the Department of Oncology, Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, to come and listen to the professional views of clinicians!Three cases of cancer “self-healing” The true incidence of self-healing is extremely low There was once a “self-healing” story that spread on the Internet, saying that the wife of an American scientist’s friend had advanced breast cancer, and the scientist suggested that she go to the hospital for treatment.But instead of going, she chose to travel around the world with her husband.A year and a half later, the cancer cells disappeared and breast cancer healed.It is amazing to see such a magical story without having to distinguish between true and false, but in fact, there have been professional rumors that this scientist and a friend’s wife have breast cancer, but instead his wife died of breast cancer.Before studying breast cancer.The story spread on the Internet is not true, so is there a case of self-healing in the real clinic?This also starts with “what is self-healing”. From Dr. Liu Peng’s point of view, the so-called “self-healing” of cancer includes three cases: the first, some malignant tumors, such as indolent lymphoma, have self-limiting characteristics.For a period of time, or months after the end of treatment, the tumor may shrink or partially disappear, which the patient understands as self-healing; the second type, some patients with malignant tumors suffer from febrile diseases such as bacteremia, and then tumors appearShrinking or disappearing is also understood as self-healing; the third is that the initial diagnosis is not accurate, and the inflammation or benign hyperplasia is mistakenly judged as a malignant tumor. When the infection improves, the tumor is thought to heal itself.”In the strict sense, except for misdiagnosis, the incidence of cancer self-healing is extremely low.” Dr. Liu Peng said.Does maintaining a good attitude and improving immunity help cancer “self-heal”?Although the chance of self-healing is small, in the face of this small hope, some people still believe that there are some methods that can help “self-healing”, such as maintaining a good mentality as much as possible, such as improving immunity.Dr. Liu Peng emphasized that individual cases are not of great reference value to overall cancer patients, and in particular they cannot affect standardized treatment because they hope to heal themselves. After all, “self-healing” is not the main way to cure.However, Dr. Liu Peng also said that for patients with malignant tumors, it is important to have a positive and optimistic attitude towards life. Such patients are often better able to cooperate with the treatment. At the same time as medication, through appropriate exercise (such as slow walking,Gymnastics, yoga, etc.), reasonable dietary conditioning (such as low fat, moderate protein, enough calories, sufficient vitamins, cellulose, etc.), reasonable rest (sleep quality management), to help improve adverse reactions to treatment, and strive to maximize the effect / adverseThe reaction is minimized.As for improving immunity, after the diagnosis of cancer, many patients and family members will buy some products to enhance immunity, thinking that the immunity has improved, which will help the recovery of the disease.In response, Dr. Liu Peng reminded that it is generally believed that strong cellular immunity may reduce the risk of cancer, but there are many ways to evaluate immunity, and different tumors may have different immune capabilities and blindly improve cells.Immune function, there is a risk of immune-related adverse reactions.Therefore, it is not recommended to choose drugs that enhance immune efficacy. Instead, it can improve immunity by improving dietary structure (eat well), reasonable sleep quality management (sleep well), and proper exercise (good exercise) ( original content, which can not be reproduced without authorization, offenders must be investigated.For content cooperation, please contact: 0000 or 0000


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