Shoulder pain in the winter to the heart, maybe the heart is asking for help

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Winter joint pain is high, especially shoulder pain.Many people think that it may be caused by cold or cervical strain, so just wear some clothes and rest for a while.Liu Yongxin, deputy chief physician of the Second Department of Cardiovascular Medicine of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, reminds everyone that there is a case of shoulder pain that may be caused by heart disease, and you should seek medical treatment in time to avoid missing the best opportunity for treatment.I believe that for most people, shoulder pain usually feels tired, especially for people who often sit in front of a computer and work at a desk for a long time, and shoulder pain is not uncommon.Usually getting up and moving around, or doing a simple massage can quickly relieve.But for Guo Qiang (pseudonym) working in Guangzhou, this “shoulder pain” has become a big trouble.The 43-year-old Guo Qiang is a middle-aged man at the middle of his life. He is usually good, but suddenly he had a panic a few days ago and then fainted.The frightened family quickly dialed 120 and sent him to the hospital. After the medical staff worked hard to rescue him, Guo Qiang finally turned to safety.The attending doctor said that Guo Qiang’s acute myocardial infarction was fortunate to be rescued in time, otherwise he would probably die.When asking the family members, the doctor found a detail: As early as a week ago, Guo Qiang had told his family that his left shoulder was painful.The family thought it was due to fatigue, so they didn’t care.Liu Yongxin, deputy chief physician of the Second Department of Cardiovascular Medicine of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, told his family that sometimes shoulder pain is also an atypical symptom before the onset of myocardial infarction, not just muscle soreness that everyone thinks.”Prior to the onset of acute myocardial infarction of coronary heart disease, angina pectoris is often a precursor symptom, and treatment will be delayed if it is not found in time.” Liu Yongxin said that the symptoms of angina pectoris vary from person to person, most of which are chest tightness, chest pain, and atypical symptomsFor abdominal pain, shoulder and arm pain, neck and throat pain, and even toothache.Women show more atypical symptoms.”Angina pectoris is the pain caused by the stimulation of visceral nerves by chemical products. Because the location is not clear, the pain site is often diversified.” Liu Yongxin said that when angina is suspected, an electrocardiogram is the simplest and convenient way to identify it.Factors, accompanied by symptoms, can also be roughly judged as shoulder musculoskeletal pain or angina pectoris.Generally speaking, when angina pectoris is strenuous or emotional, quiet rest can be relieved, which usually lasts for several minutes to ten minutes, and the pain lasts for more than half an hour and must be treated in time.The pain of skeletal muscle is related to a lot of local activities or local cold. The pain is clearly localized and lasts a long time.Liu Yongxin pointed out that cold weather in winter is a season of high incidence of cardiovascular diseases. People with basic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood lipids, and obesity should pay special attention to it. People who usually smoke, drink alcohol, and are stressed should also pay great attention.For people with family history, middle-aged and elderly patients need regular medical examinations.In particular, pay attention to the abnormal symptoms that appear suddenly on the body, especially the atypical symptoms mentioned above.Tips: It is very important to understand the symptoms of heart disease, it is helpful to find the condition in time, and it has a significant effect on the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.1. Symptoms of indigestive heart disease can also be mistaken for indigestion. Unlike common stomach diseases, stomach pain caused by heart disease rarely causes cramps and severe pain, and tenderness is not common, but there is a kind of dullness and fullness.The feeling of sensation is sometimes accompanied by dull pain, burning sensation, and nausea. There may be some relief after bowel movements, but the discomfort will not completely disappear.2. In addition to the typical symptoms of patients with shortness of breath, heart disease may be accompanied by shortness of breath and breathlessness. This kind of dyspnea is often referred to as “out of breath”.After sitting for a few minutes, breathing seemed to return to normal, but when the patient moved around again, wheezing started again.This sign of wheezing is often overlooked by women and elderly patients with lung disease.3. Extreme fatigue After walking quickly, there will be signs of extreme fatigue, so tired that you have no strength to straighten your body.Fatigue is not limited to one part of the body, but is systemic.If you experience severe fatigue like never before, you should go to the hospital immediately because it is most likely a sign of heart disease.4. Shoulder pain. Arm and shoulder pain are the most common, but have you ever thought that it might be a sign of heart disease?Different from general shoulder pain, this kind of pain is generally dull pain, not severe pain, and often radiates to the front and inner sides of the arms, up to the little finger.Most are tiring, with pain relief after rest.Of course, the signs of this heart disease need to be distinguished from cervical spondylosis.It should be reminded that these may also be the “life-saving signals” of the heart 1. The lower lip on one side and the ring finger are numb, paroxysmal, and sometimes accompanied by heavy sweating; 2. Toothache, which causes problems with the teeth themselvesIn addition, it is best to look at the Department of Cardiology; 3. Headaches, especially with symptoms of chest tightness, intensify during activities, it is better to stop and rest; 4. Stomach pain, it feels like a lot of peppers “spicy””Pain, sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting; 5, back pain, from the chest pain to the back, there is radial pain, especially when accompanied by heavy sweating.(Correspondent: Wang Meng).


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