Can gastric cancer be cured?


China is a “big country of gastric cancer”, and its hot and spicy diet is one of the important reasons for the high incidence of gastric cancer.Gastric cancer is often caused by chronic chronic inflammation of the stomach or polyps, and tumors can be benign and malignant.Patients with advanced gastric cancer will lose their lives. There are many causes of gastric cancer, and each person is different. Therefore, different methods are needed to respond to treatment during treatment. Some friends want to know, can gastric cancer be cured?Whether gastric cancer can be cured depends on the specific situation. If it is an early stage of gastric cancer, it can be cured through active surgery and medication.If it is a medium-term gastric cancer, there is also the possibility of cure. Whether it can be cured in the middle stage has a great relationship with the patient’s physique and mentality. However, if there is almost no cure possible in the advanced stage of gastric cancer, it can actually be treated.To delay life, some people can live with a tumor for a lifetime.The methods of treating gastric cancer include surgery and chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In the early stage of gastric cancer, the tumor is mainly removed, and then the patient takes a drug that kills the cancer cells in combination with the treatment. After taking the drug for a period of time, many patients can achieve clinical cure.In the middle and advanced stages of gastric cancer, in addition to surgical removal of the tumor, chemotherapy is needed to reduce the spread of cancer cells and stabilize the condition.The effects of chemotherapy vary from person to person, and those with better physiques and mentality will have better results.During the treatment of gastric cancer, patients need to avoid taboos depending on the specific situation, but at the same time need to supplement enough nutrition. It is best to rely on liquid food such as porridge to enhance their physical fitness in order to better resist cancer cells.While supplementing nutrition, we must pay attention not to eat fried spicy foods. These foods will increase the spread of cancer cells and produce chemical reactions with the medicines taken, which is not good for the treatment of diseases.Now we know whether gastric cancer can be cured. Many people feel terrible when they hear about cancer. Although advanced cancer is really terrible, we must deal with it with a positive attitude.Experiments have shown that people with a good attitude will have a much better treatment effect, and in the early days, cancer is not incurable, and everyone should not worry too much.


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