Do you know these abnormal symptoms of heart disease?


Heart disease, especially myocardial infarction, is the number one killer for men and women.Most deaths from a heart attack are due to ventricular fibrillation, and it is too late to reach the emergency room.It is therefore important to understand the early signs of heart disease.What are the symptoms of heart disease?Let’s take a closer look together!What are the symptoms of having heart disease?(1) Chest discomfort, manifested as pain or feeling of chest compression Chest pain is a typical symptom of a heart attack, chest pain caused by heart disease appears as a kind of stress-like pain, which starts in the center of the chest.The pain or discomfort usually lasts more than a few minutes and may disappear and then return.It may also be mapped to the back, head and neck.Men and women chest pain is a heart attack, but women are more likely to have other symptoms than men, such as nausea, chin pain, and shortness of breath.(2) What are the symptoms of palpitations with heart disease?In general, the symptoms of palpitations in people with less severe heart disease are not obvious in general, but this feeling becomes obvious after more intense physical activity.This is because physical activity requires the heart to consume more oxygen, so patients often experience increased heartbeat after work.(3) Dyspnea Dyspnea often occurs at the same time as palpitations, mainly because the effective breathing area of ​​the lungs has become smaller, the body lacks oxygen, and the release of carbon dioxide has slowed down. These changes have stimulated the nerve center that manages breathing, causing breathingSpeed ​​up deepening.(4) Tinnitus Speaking of what are the symptoms of heart disease, relevant personnel found that patients with heart disease, especially hypertension, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, and coronary heart disease, may have tinnitus to varying degrees.This is the aura information obtained in the ear when the microvessels of the inner ear are more obvious and the cardiovascular dynamics have not caused a systemic reaction.The above is the introduction of the relevant content about the symptoms of heart disease. In fact, the symptoms of heart disease are very many. Each of us should pay more attention to the body. When the body is abnormal, we should go to the hospital immediately.Treatment in order to avoid greater accidental injuries.


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