Controlling tobacco and lung cancer prevention and control is a work that he has been unable to give up in his life.

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In 2019, the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, all over the country are cheering and celebrating.As a medical industry media, “Medical Circle” has planned an expert interview column for “70th anniversary of commemoration and peers with the country”, hoping to pursue the development footprint of Chinese medicine in the 70-year history by dialogue with Chinese medical experts.Road, go to the place.”This time, we invited Professor Zhi Xiuyi, a well-known expert in thoracic surgery and lung cancer prevention in China, and director of the Lung Cancer Clinic of Capital Medical University to share his medical history in the field of chest and lung cancer for more than 30 years… In the 1970s,In a middle school in Beijing, a student class cadre is managing the order of the class in a model. The teachers can’t help but discuss. “This child not only learns well, but also has strong leadership skills. When he grows up, he can’t help.”A few decades later, the class cadres of the year really became the “unwanted” figure in China. He was the director of the Lung Cancer Clinic of Capital Medical University and the chief expert of thoracic surgery of Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University.In the China Thoracic Surgery Lung Cancer Alliance Office, he spent half an afternoon reviewing his 60-year-old life, and he said that it was always a long time before he thought about taking a sip of water.The edge of the chest: I want to take a scalpel to repair an ordinary family born in Beijing.In 1978, the second year of the college entrance examination recovery, Zhi Xiuyi was admitted to the Beijing Second Medical College (now Capital Medical University).During the clinical internship, Zhi Xiuyi had a strong interest in surgery. In his eyes, wearing a surgical gown and holding a lancet, standing under a shadowless lamp, was particularly attractive for patients to relieve their pain.After graduating in 1983, Zhi Xiuyi was successfully assigned to the cradle of Chinese chest surgeons, Beijing Tuberculosis Research Hospital (now Beijing Chest Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University).When the legitimate support was full of joy for being a chest surgeon, a decision from the hospital made him fall.At that time, Professor Xie Baoyu, a well-known radiology specialist at the age of 60, saw the support at a glance. The hospital leadership and personnel department decided to let Zhi Xiuyi report to the radiology department, and intentionally trained him to become a radiological diagnosis of chest diseases.Excellent talent in the field.Professor Xie Baoyu took the support and visited the site of the radiology department under construction. He introduced the layout of the radiology department and said with emotion: “In the future, we will establish a new chest disease imaging diagnostic center here.There will be more and more new forces coming in. In a few years, you will become the youngest academic leader in the department.” This kind of “good thing in the sky” is rarely rejected, but ZhixiuyiHowever, it is “not to be sympathetic”, even if the old director of the radiology department, San Gu Mao, is inviting, and the stubborn support is still a heart to be a thoracic surgeon.”Standing on the operating table, taking a scalpel, and being a thoracic surgeon is the purpose of my visit here.” To this end, Zhi Xiuyi also had a cold war with the hospital for half a month, and could not go to the thoracic surgery, simply waiting at home.Secondary allocation.In the end, the hospital leader agreed to the request for support, and informed him to report to the chest surgery.In fact, Professor Cai Lianzhen, a well-known expert in thoracic surgery in China and the director of the Department of Thoracic Surgery at the hospital, has long “seen” the support, and his arrival has also filled the gap in the chest tuberculosis of tuberculosis hospital for more than 10 years without fresh blood.Surgical seniors have cherished this newly graduated college student, which also gives Zhi Xiuyi more opportunities for study and clinical practice.During that time, more than 60 beds on the third floor of a thoracic surgical ward had only one resident and one resident. He was on the operating table almost every day during the day. He wrote medical records in the ward doctor’s office at night, and looked at the patients, often daily.Working late into the night, it is almost in the chest surgery ward.A cavity of blood to lung cancer With the continuous improvement of China’s tuberculosis prevention and control policies, the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, and the continuous improvement of tuberculosis standardized diagnosis and treatment, the tuberculosis patients in the tuberculosis hospital tuberculosis are decreasing year by year, and they are replaced by rising lung cancer patients.With the increase in lung cancer patients, Zhi Xiuyi has a strong interest in lung cancer.In his view, people’s energy is limited, it is impossible to be involved in everything, and all kinds of proficiency. If you want to do a good job, you need to invest more time and energy.In the 1990s, Zhi Xiuyi in the diagnosis of lung cancer, local advanced lung cancer surgery, perioperative management and postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy clinical research, lung cancer prevention science popularization and media interviews, and the establishment of the Beijing Department of Thoracic SurgeryThe academic salon and the application for the establishment of the China Cancer Foundation Lung Cancer Counseling Center have invested a lot of time and energy.However, fate gave him another chance to make a choice.Since Zhi Xiuyi performed very well in all the work of the hospital, the hospital leadership decided to arrange for him to go to Japan to study and study, arrange for him to go out of school to study English for half a year, and promised to return to China as the deputy director of the laboratory.This means promotion, salary increases, and opportunities to study abroad.I chose to go to Japan to study and study and return to China to be the director of the laboratory.Still continue to stay in the thoracic surgery as a doctor?Zhi Xiuyi did not have the entanglement in our imagination. He did not think too much, and soon declined the hospital leadership – “I want to stay in the thoracic surgery for lung cancer treatment.” Established a lung cancer clinic, making a big impact in the field of lung cancerIn 2002, Zhi Xiuyi returned to China from the University of Miami, and as a talent introduction, he went to the Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University as the director of thoracic surgery. At this time, Zhi Xiuyi had achieved some achievements in the field of thoracic surgery and lung cancer: serving as the Beijing Medical Association.The Executive Vice Chairman of the Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Branch and the leader of the Thoracic Surgery Group, and the Executive Vice President of the Beijing Health Education Association, have become well-known experts in thoracic surgery and lung cancer in Beijing.On April 10, 2003, the Lung Cancer Clinic of Capital Medical University, founded by Zhi Xiuyi, was officially listed at Xuanwu Hospital. It is a combination of departments of thoracic surgery, respiratory medicine, radiology, and pathology of the affiliated hospitals of Capital Medical University.The leader is committed to advancing the comprehensive development of early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer and standardized diagnosis and treatment, achieving multi-disciplinary integration, multi-center cooperation, introducing talents in many aspects, and undertaking national and Beijing clinical research projects.His outstanding leadership, appeal and organizational skills made him a well-known expert and academic leader in the field of thoracic surgery and lung cancer prevention and treatment in China.In 2007, the executive vice president and secretary-general of the Beijing Medical Association was vacant. Professor Jin Dapeng, who was then secretary of the Party Committee and director of the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, took a fancy to the organization and management ability of Zhi Xiuyi and recommended him to take over the position and hand in the situation.The party committee discussed and approved, but this is based on the premise of resigning from the administrative director of thoracic surgery at Xuanwu Hospital.He did not hesitate to make appointments without too much hesitation, and he always knew what he wanted.Under the strong support of the President of the Capital Medical University and the leadership of Xuanwu Hospital, Zhi Xiuyi gradually expanded his efforts in the field of thoracic surgery and lung cancer prevention. He has been catching up with the reform and opening up situation for 40 years.The development of thoracic surgery and lung cancer prevention and control in China have witnessed the whole process of tobacco control and lung cancer prevention and treatment in China.Putting down the scalpel, it is not enough to take the science education to the doctor’s hands and only take the scalpel. It is also necessary to take a pen and take a microphone.When it comes to lung cancer, people often think of fear, but in addition, patients seem to know very little about lung cancer diagnosis and treatment. Many patients often ask doctors about basic problems of lung cancer prevention and clinical diagnosis and treatment.Zhi Xiuyi believes that the reason for this phenomenon is that popular science propaganda is not in place, there is too little communication between doctors and patients, many clinicians do not say “mandarin”, and the cold-spoken terminology blocks the distance between doctors and patients.In fact, as early as in the work of the Department of Thoracic Surgery, Beijing Tuberculosis Hospital, I found that patients have insufficient understanding of disease knowledge. Similar questions are answered several times a day. How to solve the doubts in patients’ minds?To this end, Zhi Xiuyi began the road of popular science education for lung cancer.In addition to his work, he spread medical knowledge to popular science through the mainstream media in the country, so that more people pay attention to lung cancer prevention and attach importance to early diagnosis of lung cancer.At the same time, together with Professor Hu Dayi and Director Wang Xinghuo, the Beijing Health Education Association was established, and the China Cancer Foundation’s Tobacco Control and Lung Cancer Prevention and Control Department and the China Anti-Cancer Association Cancer Prevention and Control Science Committee were established.Popular science promotion platform.Zhi Xiuyi is very good at using the props around him and the popular metaphor to explain the disease to the patient. He always vividly and humorously explains the complex diseases.For example, he would like to compare lung cancer as an “enemy”. We can defeat “enemies” through highly sophisticated treatments such as minimally invasive surgery, molecular targeted drugs, and precision radiotherapy techniques.He also described the risk-causing factors of lung cancer as “three spurs and five qis”, namely outdoor smog, indoor haze and inner haze, outdoor air pollution, indoor tobacco smog pollution, kitchen fume pollution, house decorationVOC pollution of decorative materials and psychological pollution of long-term love sulking.Focusing on and insisting on Zhixiuyi has opened up a new world in the field of scientific research on lung cancer prevention and control. Zhixiuyi said that tobacco control and lung cancer prevention and control are his work that he could not give up in his life.The early screening of lung cancer in the two major centers of tobacco control and anti-cancer work is very important. Only by paying attention to early diagnosis and screening, the 5-year survival rate of lung cancer can be truly improved.However, from the source, the high incidence of lung cancer in China is closely related to smoking.As early as 2003, Xuanwu Hospital established the Capital Medical University Lung Cancer Clinic, and Zhang Xiuyi formulated a special regulation: medical staff who do not accept smoking in the department.In the view of Zhi Xiuyi, this is a question of professional attitude: “How do doctors who treat patients with lung cancer smoke by themselves, how can patients be accepted to stay away from tobacco?” Medical staff should take the lead in staying away from tobacco, especially in lung cancer treatment.Doctors.As a representative of the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress, Zhi Xiuyi seriously performed his duties and made suggestions and suggestions, which promoted the tobacco control legislation in Beijing, which made Beijing’s tobacco control work have achieved remarkable results.In recognition of his exemplary role in tobacco control propaganda, the Chinese Medical Doctor Association awarded him the “Chinese Physician Tobacco Leadership Leadership Award”.It also called on 2.6 million doctors across the country to use their medical knowledge and social influence to actively participate in China’s tobacco control.At the 2015 Cross-Straits Four-Way Smoke Prevention and Control Forum, Zhi Xiuyi won the “Outstanding Contribution Award for Chinese Tobacco Control”.On October 19 this year, the 9th Lung Cancer Peak North-South Forum with brand influence was grandly held in the Beijing National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. The meeting invited more than 100 experts in the field of tobacco control and lung cancer prevention and control to give a speech on tobacco control and lung cancer prevention in the world today.And academic exchanges.As the vice president of the China Controlled Smoking Association and the chairman of the China Thoracic Surgery Lung Cancer Alliance, Zhi Xiuyi focused on the promotion of tobacco control and early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer.He said that at present, China’s tobacco control and lung cancer early screening work has made some progress, but it still needs to continue to advance, and increase the intensity of tobacco control and early screening of lung cancer.In the future, Zhi Xiuyi hopes to establish lung cancer clinics and lung nodule clinics in all major regions of the country, and then extend from large areas to prefecture-level and county-level hospitals to sink cancer prevention and control work to the grassroots level.Carry out lung cancer prevention and control work and tobacco control work, so that more patients with early lung cancer benefit.Dialogue Professor Xiu Yiyi, “Medical Circle”: This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. What do you think of in the medical field?Professor Zhi Xiuyi: In the past 70 years, China’s medical health and health industry has developed rapidly. The gap between our medical treatment and foreign medical care is shrinking. I am proud of the development of such an excellent medical team and medical insurance.We must further accelerate academic exchanges and cooperation with the international community, develop medical education in the framework of the “Healthy China 2030 Planning Outline”, and benefit more people. At the same time, share our clinical experience along the Belt and Road.Developing countries should assume the responsibility of big countries..
▍ “Medical World”: If you go back in time, you met yourself 30 years ago, what would you say to him?Professor Zhi Xiuyi: I am already 30 years old, and I have been in the age of it. Frankly speaking, I chose chest surgery and lung cancer, and I have no regrets for life.Since I have chosen thoracic surgery and locked in lung cancer, I will “snap” with lung cancer for the rest of my life. , please do not reprint without the authorization of the copyright owner.


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