The unmarried female “frozen eggs” have not been released. The provincial health and health committee is conducting law enforcement inspections on the hospitals involved.

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Yesterday, there were media and online reports that “unmarried women’s frozen eggs” were frozen in Han’s low-key, Wuhan Tongji Reproductive Medicine Specialist Hospital received the first healthy unmarried female frozen egg pass in China.” Yesterday afternoon, the provincial health and health committee stressed: unmarriedFemale “frozen eggs” have not been released.Hu Rong, director of the Women’s and Children’s Health Department of the Provincial Health and Health Commission, said that in the course of daily supervision, the Provincial Health and Health Commission requires medical institutions with human-assisted reproductive technology qualifications to carry out medical services in accordance with the law and to prevent violations of laws and regulations.The Reproductive Medicine Center of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, which is involved in media reports, is a non-profit enterprise integrating scientific research, teaching and clinical application. Hu Rong explained that the Provincial Health and Health Commission approved the establishment of the fertility preservation in Hubei Province.The center is to support them in carrying out research and promotion of reproductive medicine and is not a license.In response to the relevant activities of the center mentioned in the media reports, the Provincial Health and Health Commission has organized the health supervision department to conduct law enforcement inspections on the center yesterday, seriously investigate and punish violations of laws and regulations, and publish the investigation results according to law.In response to the egg freezing technology that everyone cares about, the director of the Provincial Medical Association Reproductive Medicine Branch, Mr. Yan Lei explained that the assisted reproductive technology service organization with in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer and other related technical qualifications can carry out this technology according to the law.However, assisted reproductive technology for unmarried or single women must be prohibited under any circumstances.What are the hazards of healthy women taking eggs?靳Ra introduced to carry out fertility preservation, mainly for young patients with malignant tumors or other serious diseases, before the chemotherapy or radiotherapy, egg, embryo or ovarian tissue cryopreservation.This technique requires an overdose of ovulation-promoting medications and an egg-taking procedure, an invasive, traumatic technique that can even cause serious complications.Therefore, unmarried, single women without any medical indications, egg freezing not only has the risk of causing harm to the body, but also seriously violates relevant national laws, regulations, policies, and ethical principles. , please do not reprint without the authorization of the copyright owner.


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