Diabetes is one of the typical diseases of “causefulness”. If you want to control your blood sugar, you must also take care of your diet.However, many people are also entangled in this, and they are “excessively forced” when controlling their diet.These common diabetes eating habits, please try to avoid!Carbohydrates are “devils”, replacing staple foods with meat?Carbohydrates are “demonized” by some people. They believe that the main ingredient of rice and pasta is carbohydrate. The essence of it is “sugar”. They dare not eat it. They choose to replace the staple food with meat.In fact, although we advocate a low-carb diet, our normal physiological activities cannot completely leave carbohydrates. It is our main source of calories.According to the relevant guidelines, the intake of carbohydrates in diabetic diets should account for about 50% of total calories.The staple foods can be mainly composed of crude rice, whole wheat noodles and miscellaneous grains. These foods have high dietary fiber content and strong satiety, and will not cause a rapid increase in postprandial blood glucose.In addition, if the staple food is replaced by meat, it may lead to an increase in protein metabolism waste and increase the burden on the kidneys.Moreover, the decomposition of protein also requires a large amount of heat, which is not worth the loss.Eating only two meals a day, forcing to go hungry and eating, is almost equal to “glucose”, so some people choose to eat less.Forcibly starving, eating only one or two meals a day, our insulin, digestive enzymes, etc. are still secreted as usual, but they lose the “target”, long-term, will lead to endocrine system disorders.Moreover, when a diabetic person does not eat on time, it is likely to cause problems such as hypoglycemia.At the next meal, many people will have “retaliatory” eating, which will lead to a sharp rise in blood sugar after meals.This “control diet” is not conducive to our blood sugar stability.Fruit sugar can not be touched, sugar-free food to eat?It is not wrong for people with diabetes to eat fruit cautiously, but they don’t need a bar to “kill” all the fruits.Fruits with high monosaccharide content such as grapes and bananas cause a sharp rise in blood sugar, so they should be eaten as little as possible.For “polysaccharide” fruits rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, diabetics can actually eat a little.The “sugar-free” foods are not really sugar-free. They only contain monosaccharides such as sucrose, but they are still polysaccharides of polysaccharides. It is not advisable to eat more.


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