After the 3-year-old girl was diagnosed with “constipation” by a doctor, she died of “rare cancer”…

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A British mother, Eilish Flanagan, claimed that doctors repeatedly treated her 3-year-old daughter Aoife Flanagan-Gibbs’s “stomach pain” as “constipation”. However, Aoife died a few days after she was diagnosed with rare cancer.It can be said that the “misdiagnosis” has delayed the treatment of Aoife, thus causing it to lose its life.From “constipation” to “cancer”, what has Aoife experienced?Aoife was born on January 21, 2016.She worships Princess Aisha in “Frost” and likes “Paw Patrol.”She has her own pony “Bubbles”, a naive, happy little girl.Like her name, Aoife is a true “warrior princess” who defeated meningitis at 6 weeks of age and has lived a happy and fulfilling life with her mother.However, since the beginning of June this year, Aoife began to complain of stomach pain and other parts of the body.Confusingly, Eilish took her daughter to the doctor several times, and was told every time that Aoife’s pain was caused by constipation.Eilish said: “In 3 weeks, I took Aoife to see 11 general practitioners or consultative doctors. Although she has been in and out of the hospital because of various infections and problems, the doctor has been telling us that she is suffering fromIt’s the constipation of ordinary children.” “As a mother, I know there are other problems. I raised my concerns about the pain in other parts of Aoife’s body, but the doctor never checked it.” She claims that Aoife’sThere is a tumor on the buttocks, but the doctor has not checked.As Eilish is concerned, Aoife’s body does have other problems.While waiting to transfer to another hospital, Aoife’s parents got X-ray results, that is, Aoife had a large tumor on the liver that blocked the intestines.After the referral, the doctor told Eilish that Aoife had germ cell cancer.This is a rare tumor that usually grows in the reproductive organs but occasionally in the abdomen, brain and chest.In general, the cure rate of germ cell cancer is high.However, unfortunately, for Aoife, treatment is too late.Just a few days after the diagnosis, the little Aoife left the world in her mother’s arms.“Give grief as strength”, although her daughter’s death made Eilish sad, she finally decided to donate some of her daughter’s organs, tissues and tumors for research, and hoped to find more and save more children in the future.In addition, Eilish is currently creating a child germ cell oncology charity called Aoife’s Bubbles, hoping to raise awareness of the symptoms, diagnosis and impact of this rare disease and to educate and help as many people as possible.What is a germ cell tumor?When it comes to germ cell tumors, some people may still remember the highly-reported article at the end of last year, “The Ten Thousand Health Care Empire, and the Chinese Family in the Shadow”. The four-year-old girl Zhou Yang suffers from the malignant germ cells of the appendix.Tumor, abandoning chemotherapy and turning to “right health therapy” unfortunately passed away.Germ cell tumors are tumors derived from germ cells (cells that develop into sperm and eggs in the human body) and may be malignant or benign.Most germ cells are present in the gonads (ovary or testis), so germ cell tumors usually occur in the ovaries or testes.At the same time, during fetal development, germ cells may also travel to other parts of the body, such as the abdomen, brain and chest, pelvis or lower back. Therefore, germ cell tumors may also occur in these areas.The cause of germ cell tumors is caused by the uncontrolled growth of germ cell genes, and the exact mechanism is still unclear.However, germ cell tumors may be more prevalent if: the testicles are not falling (one or both testicles have not fallen to the scrotum); the central nervous system, the genitals, the lower spine, and the urethra have birth defects; genetic diseases such as gramsLai’s syndrome or Turner syndrome; other family members have germ cell tumors; classification of common germ cell tumors are: teratoma, germ cell tumor, yolk sac tumor (also known as endodermal sinus tumor), embryonic cancer, chorionic epithelial cancer.Symptoms Symptoms of patients with germ cell tumors depend on the type of tumor and its location. Common symptoms and signs include: abdominal pain and swelling (caused by tumors); difficulty in going to the toilet (it may be difficult to control bowel movements when the tumor is close to the pelvis)Breast development, pubic hair growth or menstruation earlier than normal age; ovarian or testicular, abdomen, back with mass or lumps; testicular shape or size abnormalities; leg weakness (when the tumor is below the back); wheezing or shortness of breath (When the tumor is located near the lungs) and so on.The diagnosing doctor will ask questions about the health and symptoms and perform a physical examination.After that, it is also possible to perform the following tests: Biopsy: Detecting whether a malignant tumor (cancer) is present by collecting a tumor (tumor) sample and helping to guide treatment.Blood test: Check blood, kidney and liver health through blood tests.Find out if there are signs of cancer by detecting hormone levels, etc.If you have a genetic disease, you may need to have a genetic test.Imaging studies: CT, MRI, X-ray, ultrasound, and bone scans show the location of the tumor and whether it spreads.Can germ cell tumors be cured?.
For germ cell tumors, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy are important treatments.Because each patient’s condition is different, it is necessary to adopt an individualized comprehensive treatment plan according to the location, type and spread of the tumor.Importantly, germ cell tumors are sensitive to treatment and most patients can be cured.Finally, I wish every patient with germ cell tumors can have early diagnosis and early recovery and a speedy recovery! , please do not reprint without the authorization of the copyright owner.


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