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(Original title: Spring Festival is coming! This “fit” guide is healthy home road)
Editor’s Note: On January 21, the Spring Festival in 2019 officially started, and ended on March 1st, a total of 40 days. This year’s Spring Festival transportation is expected to send 2.9 billion passengers nationwide, facing the crowds of people and the journey of homestays. It’s really hard to deal with a good body. The People’s Health Network “Healthy Life Tips” column is designed for you to use the “caution machine” to resolve the “true crisis.” Spring Festival is coming, let this “fit” guide warm your way home! Spring Festival tickets to guard against six kinds of scams 1. fake website sale “special offer”. The criminals make fake website purchases, claiming discounts or 100% votes. After the purchasers are on the list, they will ask the ticket purchasers to fill in important personal information such as bank card accounts and passwords, and then defraud the money. 2. “Yellow Cat” fare increase to help buy. The criminals pretend to be “yellow cattle” and claim that they have tickets. They only need to add one or two hundred yuan on the original price to buy them. In fact, they just use the existing train ticket to modify the information on the ticket with the retouching software. 3. “Conveyor” delivers the ticket at home. With the success of the ticket purchase and the “courier” to send the ticket as a means, the buyer will be able to meet the ticket purchaser at a certain place, and at the same time ask the relatives and friends of the ticket purchaser to wait at the bank door and receive the call and then send the money. Subsequently, through the “calling random display software”, the phone number of the ticket purchaser is pretending to call the relatives and friends to urge the remittance, and the time difference between the purchaser and the relatives and friends has not been used to defraud the money. 4. Bank card password fraud. Pretending to be a customer service, the customer is required to pay the designated account for various reasons, or use the characteristics of the ticket purchaser to be unfamiliar with the online payment, deceiving the bank card account and password, stealing the information and stealing the deposit in the card, thereby achieving fraud. the goal of. 5. Ticket Margin Fraud. Pretending to be a customer service requires a certain amount of deposit or deposit to be issued before the ticket is issued, and then using the eagerness of the ticket purchaser to get the ticket, to induce additional deposit or deposit for various reasons. 6. Counterfeit employee fraud. If you impersonate the customer service for a variety of reasons, refuse to use the third-party secure payment provided by the regular website, or fake the internal staff of the train station to swindle directly to the personal account. Safely go home, don’t let the “Spring Festival disease” trouble the gastrointestinal line: stop diarrhea long-distance travel, have to sit in the car for a whole day, eat the food into the digestion process is prolonged, the speed is slow, if the diet is not restrained or unclean will increase the stomach Burden, a little heavier will cause diarrhea. Do this: press the sputum to stop the diarrhea. People who are not very good at the stomach and intestines can take some lightly combed biscuits and chew some beef jerky. Bring a cup of hot tea in a thermos cup. Once the stomach hurts, you can press the “antidiarrheal medicine” – Neiguan point on the body to relieve the symptoms. Waist neck defense: slow compression Many seat designs on the car are not in line with the human body curve. When the body leans back on the seat, the neck is suspended, the lumbar vertebrae will use the strength, and the neck and shoulders will be maintained for such a long time. There will be a stiff discomfort in the waist. Do this: take a U-shaped pillow. During the process of stopping and stopping the bus, the cervical vertebra will be in a pulling state. If you encounter a sudden brake, it will easily cause a whiplash in the cervical spine. It is recommended to take a long-distance bus with a U-shaped pillow and a waist-strap to give the body a support. Respiratory defense: the clear and turbid sealed compartment, the smell of the body, the warm air of the air conditioner, mixed with the fermentation of time, will produce a dirty smell of a car. However, this disappointing oral cavity is also followed by squatting. It takes a long time to ride the car. If it is not convenient to go to the toilet, I will not drink too much water. The smell in my mouth is not refreshing. Do this: chew a cucumber. You can take a cucumber or a few tomatoes before you go out. After you wake up, you can chew it, you can add vitamins, and you can make your breath fresher. Motion sickness defense: Stopping the dizzy head, the stomach turns over the river and goes straight up, which is the most familiar feeling of people with motion sickness. In fact, this is the fault of the shaking body, which makes the organ that maintains the balance of the body – the vestibular and semicircular canal signal, causing neurological dysfunction and causing motion sickness. Do this: press the sputum to stop the vomiting point to deal with motion sickness and vomiting can press the Gong Gong Sun points, but also to the body to solve the problem. Mental defense: Decompression Every year on the crowded road, there will be many “journal mental disorders” episodes, especially those who are weak, sensitive, extremely insecure, and have no confidence in their physical and mental health.Doing this: annoying discomfort, sighs, lively people suddenly depressed, and quiet people become excited, etc., are central manifestations of inhibition of dysfunction; chest sullen, breathing faster, yawning, that is the sign of hypoxia in the brain… … Once you find these abnormal performances, you should take a breath of fresh air, drink a glass of water, or simply take a sleeping pill to sleep. If these conditions are not met, or if you still do not improve after self-regulation, and there is a tendency to increase, you should get off the bus and temporarily get rid of the bad ride environment. After the symptoms are relieved, take the bus and go. Motion sickness, flu, diarrhea! On the Spring Festival Road, have you encountered these unexpected situations? A motion sickness in advance to prepare for the motion sickness of the friend, the feeling of motion sickness is really not as good as death, so it is particularly important to do anti-motion sickness work. Guo Dongna, deputy director of the emergency department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, said that motion sickness is not a disease, but a stress response, not excessive tension. Frequent motion sickness should ensure adequate sleep the night before departure. Don’t eat too much, don’t eat greasy food, eat some digestible food. If necessary, take anti-motion sickness medicine or sliced ​​ginger for half an hour in advance on the navel, or smell orange peel or take fresh ginger juice. In addition, try to reduce head movements while riding, avoiding the scenery moving outside the window. Due to the popularity of mobile devices, many people will use movies and TV series to kill time in mobile phones and tablets when they are riding or flying. This will cause eye damage and cause dry eyes. Discomfort such as eyelids, eye strain, etc., especially those who ride a night train, the light in the compartment is dark, and the damage to the book or screen is longer. In addition, staring at the screen for a long time on a moving vehicle can make the eyes feel uncomfortable, causing discomfort such as vertigo, dizziness and the like. B journey to prevent flu diarrhea during the Spring Festival, crowd density, increased frequency of close contact, poor ventilation and sanitation, coupled with cold weather, fatigue, and decreased resistance, all increase the risk of influenza infection. Guo Dongna advises passengers to drink more water in the car, or wear a mask to actively prevent it; in the middle of the station, you can get out of the car and ventilate; try to avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth. You can bring cold medicine on the road. If you have a cold and other discomfort before you leave, you should delay your travel and do not force yourself out. In addition, on long-distance buses and trains, many passengers neglect the hygiene requirements of hand washing and food, or eat cold food in the car, causing the onset of digestive diseases, which can easily cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Guo Dongna advised passengers to pay attention to food hygiene, try to eat regularly and avoid gastrointestinal diseases. Soak the hands with soap before eating on the train. If you are afraid of water inconvenience, it is best to prepare a wet wipe before going to the car. Wipe your hands with a wet tissue before eating. Do not touch the food directly with your hands, try to use disposable cups and dishes. Long-distance travel, some people do not eat or drink on the way; some people are not idle on the way. Guo Dongna said that these two methods are not desirable, the former may lead to low blood sugar, the latter is prone to abdominal distension, abdominal pain and other discomfort. On the Spring Festival, the physical exertion is large, and a reasonable diet can protect the stomach. C Special population should be careful “Pre-Mothers should consult a specialist before going out.” Guo Dongna said, “Pregnant women are a special group. In principle, if pregnant women do not have any complications during pregnancy, they can take public transportation such as airplanes and trains. The civil aviation and railway departments also have regulations for pregnant women to ride. However, if pregnant women want to travel, they should have a physical examination in advance, consult the obstetrician’s advice, and choose whether to travel according to the doctor’s advice.” When taking the baby out, be sure to Prepare enough clothes to prevent differences in temperature. More baby daily necessities, disposable diapers, wet wipes should be brought to the baby, bring some water to the baby, because somewhere, some babies will change the soil and diarrhea, after the home, the first half and half of the water change is better. The baby is prone to colds, cold diarrhea, drugs such as navel stickers for diarrhea before departure, and a bottle of antipyretic medicine. For patients with heart and brain diseases, Guo Dongna suggested that travel should be avoided during the Spring Festival. If you have to go out, you should learn to save yourself, such as using drugs to control blood sugar and blood pressure. When you have dizziness and palpitations, you should open the window and breathe. You should ask for help from your nearest relatives and friends, and carry emergency medicine with you.When you travel long distances, you should drink plenty of water to speed up blood circulation and metabolism, and avoid blood too thick to form a blood clot. It is very important to add water, but you should drink coffee, wine and juice as much as possible. Boiling water is the best choice. It is best to add about 250 ml of water per hour. Spring rain prevention against a healthy year 1. Pay attention to keep warm in winter and cold weather, indoor and outdoor compartments inside and outside the temperature difference, should be increased or decreased according to temperature changes. 2. Try to avoid leaving the air in a non-circulating environment for a long time. Try to avoid staying in a closed, air-free environment, especially for the elderly, children, and people with weaker physical conditions. 3. Clean hands and hands after touching the handrails and other public items, wash hands or clean hands with disposable hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and other cleaning supplies. 4. It is recommended to wear a mask when wearing a mask for transport in confined spaces such as trains and airplanes; try to avoid passengers who face coughing and sneezing. 5. Avoid touching the eyes, mouth and nasal mucosa with your hands as much as possible. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nasal mucosa on the way. If you have to touch and can not wash your hands, apply disposable hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes. Clean the hands and clean your hands. 6. Maintain good respiratory hygiene. When you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief or paper towel, or cover your mouth and nose with your elbows. Try to avoid rubbing your mouth and nose directly with your hands and causing respiratory secretions on your hands. 7. Wash your hands in time after returning home after washing home. It is best to wash your hands with soap or soap, soap and running water. 8. It is not recommended to take sickness on public transport. If you feel that your condition is worse, you should go to the hospital for medical treatment or contact the flight attendants on public transport for help. 9. Pay attention to the local infectious diseases when you travel. When you travel, you should pay attention to the epidemic situation of infectious diseases such as the local flu, and personally protect the related diseases in advance. Eating properly to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort in a train or car, certainly not as rich as at home, but should also try to diversify food, self-prepared food is the choice of most people. Short-haul passengers can only prepare snacks that both relieve and provide the right amount of energy. However, if it is a long-distance, you can’t just eat snacks. Snacks can’t replace the staple food. Too much food may cause gastrointestinal excitement in a short period of time, which may cause insomnia and affect appetite. The quality of sleep on the Spring Festival road will be greatly affected. It is best to prepare some bread, milk, eggs, and fruit as staple foods. In addition, some people do not eat or drink on the way to save effort, save time, and save trouble. Some people will take a large bag of food, such as roast chicken, peanuts, white wine, beer, etc., and eat and drink with family and friends on the train. Both methods are not desirable. If you do not eat, energy intake is insufficient, there may be hypoglycemia shock; eating too much, eating too much greasy things, coupled with alcohol stimulation will make the gastrointestinal discomfort, can cause gastroenteritis. Carrying food is best to choose packaged foods that have experienced the Spring Festival travelers, especially those who take trains and cars. The people in the car come and go, the bacteria are everywhere, and the dining environment itself is relatively poor, so it is especially necessary to pay attention. Dietary hygiene. Before eating, be sure to wash your hands. For long-distance hard seats, there are more people inside the car. If it is not convenient, it is best to prepare some disinfectant wet wipes with you. If you can’t wash your hands or be too crowded, it’s at least necessary. Wipe it with a wet tissue, then eat again, and try not to eat food. In addition to the need to pay attention to hygiene when eating, you should also choose a good choice when carrying the food. It is best to choose foods that you carry with you. Do not bring food that is in bulk, difficult to store, or that needs to be stored refrigerated. Many people like to bring some homemade meat in the car to eat in the car, but these kinds of food have certain requirements for preservation conditions, not only are not easy to carry, but also easy to deteriorate, once the food is spoiled, it will cause food poisoning. Secondly, the packaged food should be eaten as soon as possible after opening. For safety reasons, it is best to throw away the leftover food and do not take it home to continue eating. It is best to buy small packaged food that is safe and not wasted. Before buying, please pay attention to the shelf life and packaging integrity, do not buy more than the shelf life, packaging damaged food. In trains and cars, fruits and raw vegetables are also common choices for many people, but fruits and vegetables must be fresh and washed and eaten.Relieve discomfort with sea sickness drugs, U-shaped pillows, trains, and passengers traveling by car. If the journey time is long, the sleeper is relatively comfortable, but for many people who choose hard seats, some bumps often cause neck and lumbar pain. Most of the long-distance car seats are not very conforming to the human body curve. They maintain a posture and state for a long time. The neck and shoulders and the waist will be sore and stiff. It is very necessary to bring a U-shaped pillow, which can give the body a support. . Due to dietary and environmental health effects, people with diarrhea during the Spring Festival are the most likely. In order to cope with this situation, it is best to prepare some drugs to deal with gastrointestinal problems, such as Huoxiang Zhengqi Water, Guchang Pills, etc. For some indigestion The caused diarrhea can have a certain effect. In addition, for people with motion sickness, you must bring a motion sickness medicine, even if you don’t have motion sickness, you can take it half an hour before driving. You can also carry some oranges on the way, leaving the orange peel to make the turbid air fresher and can relieve the effect. Aircraft, trains, cars travel, experts teach you to deal with all kinds of discomfort for a long time, may form a blood clot, drink plenty of water, stand up for the Spring Festival is a day of family reunion, many people have packed their bags ready to go. In order to see relatives at home as soon as possible, some people will drive for a long time. Such behavior is likely to cause leg vein thrombosis. Wu Wei, a professor of vascular surgery at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Beijing, explained that venous thromboembolism includes deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. The former forms a thrombus in the deep veins of the legs. The latter is a blood clot that reaches the lungs and blocks blood vessels with blood flow. Different periods of the disease. Among them, the incidence of deep vein thrombosis is hidden, and it is difficult for non-specialists to make timely and correct judgments. The most serious consequence is pulmonary embolism. Doctors have little time to rescue patients. In severe cases, they can die within 1-2 hours. In addition to prolonged inactivity, prolonged hospitalization, surgery, advanced age, obesity, etc. may also form leg thrombosis. Experts suggest, “If you are in a state of braking for a long time, such as driving for long distances, or even sitting at your desk, especially bending your knees, take a moment to stand up, stretch your legs, and walk around. This is very important for a healthy blood circulation. In addition, you can drink plenty of water, dilute the blood and prevent the formation of blood clots. Urine can cause male prostate damage. During the Spring Festival, most people choose to take the train home. Because of the large number of people, it takes a lot of courage to go to the bathroom on the train. Therefore, many men urinate as much as possible and reduce the number of times they go to the bathroom. As everyone knows, this will cause damage to the prostate. At the same time, such as uncontrolled smoking and drinking, staying up late to play and so on, can also lead to prostate disease. A survey has shown that 96.6% of respondents have bad habits that lead to prostate disease. According to experts, prostatitis is a reproductive disease that is predisposed to adult males. Decreased body resistance and immune dysfunction are the main causes of bacterial prostatitis; while some unhealthy lifestyles such as long-term urinary retention, frequent sexual intercourse, and masturbation are the main causes of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. To prevent prostatitis, in addition to avoid sedentary, long-term urinating and staying up late, frequent masturbation and sexual intercourse, wearing tight underwear or jeans, not paying attention to the perineal clean, cold season, not paying attention to keep warm, long-term emotional stress, etc. Poor living behaviors that are prone to prostate disease should be avoided as much as possible. Taking a plane to watch the “economy class syndrome” holiday, many people must fly home for the New Year or go on a trip. However, due to the particularity of the aircraft, some passengers may have problems with their bodies, causing delays or returning flights. Guo Wei, director of the emergency department of Beijing Tiantan Hospital, reminded that due to the limited space in the economy class, the “economic class syndrome” is prone to long-term flight. People sit for a long time, blood circulation is relatively slow, blood viscosity is relatively high, prone to thrombotic events, and severe sudden death may occur. For those who have problems with the cervical spine and the lumbar spine, long-distance flights will inevitably cause discomfort. In addition, some people are prone to diarrhea, “traveler diarrhea” during long-distance flights and arrivals to destinations. This is due to changes in life rhythms and irregular diets.Experts suggest that long-term flight should avoid sedentary and can be active in the aisle if conditions permit, in case of “economic class syndrome”. Passengers with problems with the lumbar spine and the cervical spine may have their own neck pillow. In addition, the aircraft meal is generally not too delicious, the nutritional mix is ​​not necessarily reasonable, it is recommended not to eat too much meals on the plane during the flight. Special people should be more cautious when traveling. The ears often feel pain and discomfort. This is because when the aircraft takes off or descends, the air pressure inside and outside the middle ear is inconsistent due to rapid changes in air pressure. At this time, if the function of the eustachian tube in the ear to adjust the pressure change is not good, or there is a certain lesion, it will have an uncomfortable feeling when taking a flight. .
Many parents worry that babies are so small, can they withstand this discomfort? The doctor explained that under normal circumstances, the baby is no problem with the plane, but if the baby catches a cold, it is not recommended to fly. Because the nose is prone to inflammation after the cold, mucosal edema, affecting the regulation function of the eustachian tube, may cause aviation otitis media after flying. Plus, parents like to feed their children and go to bed, it is easy to produce acid reflux, which also has an adverse effect on the function of the Eustachian tube. Not only babies, but also young children and adults with rhinitis and colds are not suitable for flying. In addition, mothers in the middle of pregnancy should make a reasonable travel plan before travel, do not fatigue, do not exercise too much too much, so that the body has enough rest time. It is best for the elderly to have a full physical examination before travelling, and travel arrangements should be carried out with the original disease under control. If you have chronic diseases, especially coronary heart disease, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, etc., be sure to bring your daily medication.

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