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Diabetes patients need to take medicine for a long time to control blood sugar. Although doctors prescribe drugs to explain the precautions of medication, many elderly people have not paid attention to the problems caused by improper medications. Different drug specifications may also lead to the wrong medicine. Chen Wenzhao, director of the Pharmacy Department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University, reminds that even the same generic name and the same product name are similar to the hypoglycemic drugs. However, due to different specifications, patients may also be mistaken. clothes. For example, repaglinide tablets have specifications of 1 mg and 2 mg, but the packaging is very similar, it is easy to ignore the specifications and eat more or less. There are also some common names of hypoglycemic drugs, such as acarbose (common name), some of them are called Kaboping, some are called Bish, and some are called Baipingping. Many patients only Look at the same generic name and think it is the same medicine. In fact, their specifications are different and need to be recognized. When taking the medicine, some patients think that the blood sugar control is not good, and the doctor said that they want to change the medicine. In fact, it is not necessarily the cause of the medicine. It is best for the patient to check whether the best medication time is wrong. Wei Meidan, a pharmacist in the Third Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University, reminded that the timing of different types of hypoglycemic drugs is very different. The drugs are administered on an empty stomach, before meals (30 minutes before meals), after meals, before going to bed. Taking medication (30 minutes before bedtime), etc., these medications will affect blood sugar levels. Taking metformin as an example, the dosage time of different dosage forms is different: common dosage form, sustained release dosage form: taken at mealtime or immediately after meal. Intestinal solvent type: Take 15 to 30 minutes before meals. Sustained release dosage form (1 time / day): Take it at dinner or immediately after meal. If you need to take a bed before going to bed: 15-30 minutes before going to bed, with a small amount of cucumbers, tomatoes and other foods that are not easy to cause high blood sugar, take it immediately or take it immediately after eating. Do not arbitrarily abuse the hypoglycemic drugs clinically, abuse the hypoglycemic agents, self-diagnosis, self-medication, many patients, the situation is often life-threatening. More than a month ago, 73-year-old Cai Laobo felt thirsty, drinking more water, urinary and mentally inferior, much like the “three more” symptoms of diabetes, so he bought a Xiaoke Pill. A few days later, he felt dizzy, palpitated, sweaty, and then fainted to the ground. After being sent to the hospital by his family, he found that his blood sugar was seriously low. Because of the timely rescue, Cai Laobo turned to safety. Weimeidan pharmacist explained that Xiaoke Pill is a proprietary Chinese medicine for treating diabetes. It contains a certain amount of western medicine glibenclamide (glibenclamide), which has strong and long-lasting hypoglycemic effect and is prone to cause hypoglycemia in diabetic patients. The hypoglycemic treatment of diabetes is an individualized treatment. Self-diagnosis and self-medication are not advisable. Under the guidance of a doctor, it is necessary to strictly control the medication according to its own situation.

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