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In October, pregnancy and childbirth have made mothers feel uncomfortable, but this is only the “first step in the Long March.” After the baby is born, the baby’s feeding, confinement, gestational period recovery, postpartum depression… various problems make the new mothers crazy. What should I do? Parenting people have prepared a post-natal guide for you, and everything you want to know is here. Breast milk is the baby’s most ideal and safest natural food, and it is also the best gift for mothers. What problems do you experience with breastfeeding? How to deal with it? ● Breastfeeding guidance [Total operating procedures] is mainly divided into three steps: guidance before feeding, guidance of feeding posture, guidance after feeding 1. Pre-feeding instructions ■ Before breastfeeding, change the newborn to a diaper to avoid changing the diaper during breastfeeding or breastfeeding. If you turn over a newborn who has just eaten milk, it is easy to cause milk spillage. ■ Prepare hot water and towels, and ask your mother to wash your hands. Use a warm towel to clean the breasts for the mother. ■ Breast over-expansion should first squeeze out a little milk, and start feeding when the areola is soft (used when too much breast milk). 2. Guidance for feeding posture ■ Maternal breastfeeding position. Let the mother sit on the backrest, the back is close to the back of the chair, and the legs naturally hang down to the ground. The breastfeeding side foot can be stepped on the stool. The breastfeeding side holds a special nursing pillow or a household soft pillow under the arm of the newborn. This position makes breastfeeding convenient and comfortable. ■ The method of holding the newborn and the method of receiving the nipple. Instruct the mother to support the newborn with the forearm, palms and fingers, keep the newborn’s head and body in line, the newborn body turns and close to the mother, face the breast, the tip of the nose is aimed at the nipple, and guide the mother to become the “C” Type the breast, or use the index finger and the middle finger to form a “scissor” to clamp the breast (when the milk spray is too fast). When breastfeeding, the nipple is used to stimulate the newborn’s lips. When the newborn opens his mouth, all the nipples and most of the areola are quickly sent into the newborn’s mouth. According to the above method of including the nipple, the possibility of nipple splitting can be greatly reduced. 3. Guidance after feeding ■ Shooting after breastfeeding. After breastfeeding, hold the newborn in a hug and gently pat the back with a hollow palm to allow the newborn to snoring and then let him lie down and sleep. If you can’t take a cockroach, you can hold it for a while and put it on your right side when you put it on the bed to avoid sucking milk. [Standards to meet the standard] ■ Newborns can effectively suck (the newborn’s mouth is fish-lip, the sucking action is slow and powerful, the cheeks are not sunken, and you can hear the swallowing sound) [Precautions] ■ Instruct the mother to avoid the milk too urgent, so as not to feed Milk is born in the newborn. ■ Prevent neonatal asphyxia from blocking the newborn’s nostrils. ■ Avoid cleavage of the nipple due to incorrect attachment posture. ● Breast Care Guidance [Total Operating Procedures] is divided into three main steps: breastfeeding guidance before breastfeeding, guidance when breast problems occur during breastfeeding, and breast care guidance after breastfeeding. 1. Breastfeeding Breast Care Guidance ■ Prepare hot water and towels, and ask your mother to wash your hands. ■ Use a clean warm towel to clean the breasts for the mother. ■ If the breast is swollen and hard, squeeze a little milk first, and when the areola is soft, you can breastfeed. 2. Guidance for problems with breasts during breastfeeding ■ Treatment of breast tenderness or induration. You can first apply heat for 3 to 5 minutes, then use your hands to massage the breast in a spiral shape. While massage, move your palms, put your hands on the breasts, and put your hands on the breasts up and down, and press the base from the base of the breast toward the nipple. Promote the smoothness of the mammary duct and facilitate the discharge of milk. ■ Treatment of nipple splitting. When the nipple has a small radial rupture (ie, nipple splitting), you should choose different methods according to the degree of nipple pain and laceration, continue breastfeeding, use “Bao Yumei nipple” treatment, use breast shield, breast pump or stop breastfeeding. (See: nipple cleft palate prevention and care). When breastfeeding, let the newborn suck the healthy nipple and then suck the affected nipple. If the laceration is too heavy and the pain is severe, you can temporarily stop breastfeeding. The milk can be squeezed out or sucked out with a breast pump and bottled to feed the newborn. ■ Care of mastitis. If the breast has nipple pain, local skin is red and hot, there is pain and induration when touched, the mother suddenly has a high fever of 39 °C or more, and there is chills, chills, swollen lymph nodes on the affected side, and painful pressure. It should be considered Suffering from mastitis. For those with mild symptoms, you can do local warm and wet compresses, or use “Bao Yumei nursing nipple”, external application of Chinese medicine Ruyi Golden Powder, and continue breastfeeding.If the symptoms are more serious, such as high fever and symptoms, you should go to the hospital in time. 3. Breastfeeding guidelines after breastfeeding ■ Milking method when there is too much breast milk. When the newborn stops breastfeeding before eating, the remaining milk needs to be squeezed out in time. The method of milking is: first wash your hands, then use your thumb and other fingers to gently press on the outside of the areola, then use your thumb and forefinger to squeeze down at the same time, from light to heavy, squeeze out the milk. [Standards for standardization] ■ There is no nipple and breast pain, nipple splitting during breastfeeding, and the happiness of breastfeeding newborns. ■ Maternal breastfeeding during breastfeeding is normal, no mastitis occurs. ■ If breast inflammation occurs in breastfeeding, the mother should be reminded to go to the hospital in time. [Related knowledge] ■ If there is a nipple split, it will increase the chance of bacteria invading from the rupture. Pay special attention to prevent mastitis and treat it with Baoyumei nipple in time. For example, to observe whether the newborn has oral inflammation (such as thrush), if any, to treat as early as possible, so as to prevent neonatal oral bacteria from entering the maternal body through the nipple cleft, leading to mastitis. ■ In order to prevent the occurrence of mastitis, maternal women should wear cotton loose underwear and bra, it is not appropriate to use chemical fiber products, because the fiber microspheres of chemical fiber products may enter the body through the breast opening. The tight bra and underwear stress the breasts, which is not conducive to the dredge of the milk. Note: If there is mild inflammation of the breast, such as local skin redness and fever, and have not reached the point of fever, you can use the “Bao Yumei nipple paste” for external application, or use cactus mud for external application, as much as possible to kill mastitis in the bud status. However, if the inflamed area is deep and there is a fever, you must go to the hospital for treatment, but don’t give up breastmilk at the same time. If you don’t want to feed your baby, let the moon lick out every three hours to save your breast milk. After breastfeeding, emptying the breasts is only suitable for the excess of milk. If you leave a little, you don’t have to empty every time. Remember to eat the remaining side next time. Through breastfeeding, you can easily see the quality of a month. I haven’t been able to breastfeed for more than half a month, but my family’s monthly embarrassment is a three-hour squeeze, keeping my breast milk, and the milk has been good. ● Prevention and care of nipple splitting [General operating procedure] is mainly divided into two steps: nipple care during breastfeeding and nipple care after breastfeeding. 1. Nipple Care During Breastfeeding ■ Instruct the mother to have the newborn’s nipple and most of the areola in her mouth. ■ The breastfeeding time should be controlled within 10~20 minutes each time, not too long. ■ If the mother has congenital nipple depression and nipple splitting, breast shield (nipple protector) can be used to assist breastfeeding. 2. Nursing care after breastfeeding ■ Instruct the mother to squeeze a drop of milk and apply it to the nipple to dry after breastfeeding. ■ Instruct the mother to use the Baoyumei nipple directly on the nipple and areola until the next breastfeeding. [Standards for standardization] Maternal women have no nipple pain and nipple splitting during the entire lactation period. [Precautions] ■ The position of the newborn with nipples should be paid attention to when breastfeeding. Do not include only nipples. It should not be too long for each breastfeeding time. ■ Use “Bao Yumei nipple” immediately after breastfeeding for the first time to prevent nipple damage and pain caused by sucking. “Bao Yumei nipple” can also be used to relieve nipple sensitivity, pain, inflammation, breakage and other issues. [Tools and materials] Use Bao Yumei nursing nipples, towels, etc. [Related knowledge] ■ Bao Yumei nipple use instructions: 1. Put the Baoyu beauty nipple in the bra, the side with the printed label facing outward, the unlabeled side against the skin, facing the nipple s position. 2. Wipe your breasts with a clean damp cloth or a wet towel before breastfeeding or using a breast pump, then pat until dry. 3. When breastfeeding the baby, keep the health care. The breast protector is clean and dry, with the label side facing up. If the liquid in the breastshield can be seen through the label on the back, it can no longer be used. The Baoyu Beauty Cream Stick is not washable, and the water wash will wash away the active ingredients. Discard after use, repeated use will lead to infection. It should be replaced in time after soaking. ●The monthly meal production [total operating procedures] is mainly divided into three steps: preparation before production, production and processing. 1. Month meal production: To master the following principles ■ Raw and cooked cutting boards, knives, and rags should be separated. ■ The main ingredient of the soup is black-bone chicken, ribs, etc. You can cool the water pot and cook slowly to keep the nutrients.■ When cooking, pay attention to color, fragrance and taste. Both nutrition and enjoyment of eating. ■ Nutritional mix should be balanced, it is not appropriate for the mother to eat big fish and meat every day, this will make the mother quickly gain weight due to too much heat. While ensuring nutrition, you should eat vegetables and fruits as appropriate. 2. Post-production processing ■ Clean the used cookware and put it back in place. ■ Clean the stove around the stove, clean the floor and wipe it with a mop. ■ After the meal, the housekeeping staff cleans up the tableware, cleans it, and puts the preserved soup and plastic wrap in the refrigerator. [Standards to meet the standard] ■ The monthly meal is balanced, clean, and moderately salty. ■ After cooking, the kitchen utensils are clean and neatly placed. [Precautions] ■ Suppress spicy and irritating condiments when making a monthly meal. ■ Pay attention to the balanced nutrition of the moon meal, and change the single meal concept of eating millet porridge, brown sugar, eggs and chicken soup during the traditional confinement. [Tools and materials] General kitchen utensils, soup pot. [related knowledge] 1. Reference for the moon meal recipe ■ ■ Amaranth can choose braised chicken wings, kelp stew, fried shrimp, braised fish and so on. ■ Vegetarian dishes can choose cabbage tofu, egg fried spinach, carrot tofu, tomato eggs, stir-fried oil wheat, fresh mushrooms and rapeseed. ■ Soup can choose squid soup, black chicken soup, turtle soup, peanut ribs soup, lotus root pig soup, tomato beef soup, cabbage soup, mutton winter melon soup. ■ Main food rice, blue silk rolls, bean paste rolls, sugar packets, meat dragons, sugar flower rolls, gold and silver rolls, layer cakes, etc. ■ Morning and evening meals can choose lotus seed jujube porridge, millet brown sugar porridge, lily red bean porridge, jujube mung bean porridge, corn porridge, wine stuffed egg flower, glutinous rice dumpling, soup, chicken soup, chicken soup dragon must face. 2. Choosing a scientific month meal, rejecting the traditional monosexual diet, helps the health of the mother and newborn. ● maternal personal hygiene guidance [total operating procedures] is mainly divided into two parts: washing the bath, washing the hair 1. The washing bath is divided into three steps: preparation before washing, washing bath, warming after washing ■ preparation before washing (1) turning off the electric fan and air conditioner, closing the doors and windows to avoid convection. (2) Adjust the room temperature and the temperature in the bathroom at 26~C~32~C, adjust the water temperature at 39°C~41°C, and prepare the toiletries: bath, shampoo, bath towel, etc. ■Washing bath (1) Ask the mother to enter the bathroom and use a shower to wash and bathe. (2) If you do not have shower conditions, you can help the mother scrub, and then wash the hair under the same conditions. ■ After washing and warming the bath, the maternal woman wears clothes and does not go out. Then adjust the room temperature to 22~C~26~C. 2. The preparation for washing your hair is the same as taking a bath. Keeping your hair warm after washing your hair is the same as keeping your bath warm. [Standards for standardization] The room for maternity activities before and after bathing is the same as the room temperature of the bathroom. The maternal feeling warm and comfortable during the bathing process. [Precautions] ■ Water temperature control is appropriate, can not exceed 50 °C, can be measured with a water temperature gauge. ■ Pay attention to the room temperature control. It is not advisable to turn on the air conditioner immediately after washing to reduce the room temperature and open the window to prevent the mother from catching a cold. ■ Avoid accidents such as maternal slipping and falling during bathing. [Related knowledge] ■ If the child gives birth naturally and there is no side-cut wound, the maternal constitution permits, and the shower can be taken after delivery; if the natural delivery has a side-cut wound, the shower can be performed after 3 days; if it is a caesarean section, the abdominal wound should be healed and then showered. Previously, a bath can be performed. ■ Bathing times: 1~2 times/day, each bathing time is 10~20 minutes, so as to avoid too long time, accidents such as collapse. ■ Postpartum baths are banned from bathing to prevent retrograde infection of the reproductive tract. ■ Because estrogen and progesterone diminish after childbirth, it may be normal for the woman to have more hair loss during shampooing. The maternal mother does not have to worry, this phenomenon will change with the adjustment of her own hormone levels. ■ Brushing your teeth: Use warm water, not too much force, brush every 2~3 minutes. Note: Only the monthly hygiene that encourages you to pay attention to personal hygiene and proper bathing is a qualified month. Those who are superstitious about the old saying that “they can’t wash their hair, bathe, and brush their teeth in the moon” are absolutely unqualified. At least they have never even experienced training. So, when you ask for the New Moon, don’t forget to ask her: “When can I brush my teeth and take a shower after giving birth?” See how she answers.● Postpartum side cut and surgical wound cleaning [total operating procedures] are mainly divided into two links: side cutting and surgical wound routine cleaning, side cutting and surgical infection wound cleaning and disinfection 1. Lateral cutting and surgical wounds routine cleansing ■ 叮嘱 maternal often replace the lochia mat, side cut maternal sleep should be lateral to the opposite side of the wound, so as not to contaminate the wound. ■ Prepare a clean water basin, warm water, clean towels, and ask the mother to clean the side cut wound 2 to 3 times a day. ■ Abdominal surgical wounds can be handled without special reactions (red, swollen, hot, painful). 2. Cleaning and disinfection of side-cut and surgically infected wounds ■ Side-cut wounds can be washed with 1:5000 potassium permanganate or 2 新 new Jie Er, 2 to 3 times a day. If the abdominal surgery wound has mild redness, it can be rubbed 2 to 3 times a day with 75% alcohol; if the wound is red, swollen, hot and painful, remind the mother to go to the hospital in time. [Standards for standard compliance] ■ No infection, maternal side-cut wounds healed well in 3 to 5 days, and the wounds healed well in 5-7 days. ■ If there is a mild infection through cleaning and disinfection, the degree of infection is not aggravated. [Notes] ■ It is strictly forbidden to bathe the maternal bath during the whole puerperium period to avoid the infection. ■ Potassium permanganate should be used not to be too concentrated. [Tools and materials] basin, 1:5000 potassium permanganate, 2 ‰ 洁 尔 、, cotton swab, 75%. ● 褥 褥 形 形 【 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总 总, the mid-to-late maternal physical recovery guide 1. Formal recovery guidance for early maternal puerperium ■ Natural childbirth can get up after 6~12 hours postpartum. You can do physical recovery exercises one week after birth. ■ cesarean section women can get up on the 2nd day after childbirth, and they can start physical recovery exercises 10 days after delivery. [Related knowledge] ■ The recovery of the body helps the uterus to rejuvenate and has a positive effect on the recovery of the pelvic floor muscles. ■ In the process of doing physical recovery, there may be repeated episodes of lochia. If the lochia is close to no, there may be an increase in lochia after the exercise, or a small amount after stopping the exercise. But the general principle is to observe the amount and color of the lochia. As long as it is slightly more than the amount of menstruation, the color is not a fresh red bleeding, generally there will be no problem. Otherwise you should stop doing exercises. Note: Not all New Moons will lead you through these exercises. After all, this is the teacher’s responsibility, but a good New Moon will encourage you to exercise properly, rather than ignoring or trying to block. And a good moon can judge whether you exercise properly through your feelings and your physical condition, and generally can tell you a few simple actions. ● Postpartum depression and grooming [Total operating procedures] are mainly divided into three links: communication with maternal women, attention to observing maternal emotional changes, finding abnormal and timely counseling, appropriate notification of maternal mood to family members, and obtaining support from family members. 1. Communicate with the maternal and their families first: understand the maternal habits, preferences and taboos, remember and abide by them, and gain maternity trust. 2. Pay attention to observe the emotional changes of the mother, and find that when the maternal mood is low, you can take the initiative to care for her and communicate with them, and strive for the mother to open up, talk about their feelings, and then help the mother to solve specific difficulties, and guide the maternal situation, from good Consider the issue. If the mother is not willing to talk about feelings, can not ask, you can first clean up the room, suggest that the mother put some relaxing music, and do some postpartum physical recovery exercises to ease the negative emotions of the mother. On the basis of obtaining the consent of the mother, the maternal mood should be appropriately informed to the family members at the appropriate time, and the support and cooperation of the family members can be obtained. Family care and love is an important factor in maternal age, but family members often do not understand that postpartum depression is the physiological response of most women. In severe cases, postpartum depression can be developed. Therefore, it is necessary for family members to understand and cooperate. Together, help the mother to pass this stage. [Standards for standardization] The maternal mood is comfortable, and the maternal and family members have a harmonious relationship. [Precautions] ■ Pay attention to the communication method. Do not talk to the mother and family members in the tone of the instructor. ■ Pay attention to the art of speech, for example: I feel that her mood is not very good today, I think the situation is like this, not necessarily right, for your reference only. ■ When the mother complains about her family, she should not follow her mind to her family. She should guide the mother to empathize and understand the actions of her family in an external perspective.■ It is necessary to feel the maternal emotions and communicate well with your own sincerity. [Related knowledge] ■ Postpartum depression is a transient crying or depression from the beginning of delivery to one week to several weeks after delivery. Postpartum depression is the result of a combination of physiological factors, psychological factors and environmental factors. It is not a lot of maternal, delicate and so on. ■ When postpartum depression develops seriously, it becomes postpartum depression. It is unhappy all day long. I feel that my brain is blank and cannot be self-made. Insomnia, fatigue, lack of appetite, self-blame, anxiety, and some people may have suicidal tendencies. This situation requires a doctor. Psychological counseling and treatment. Note: If you do not ask for a new moon, this is a key point. You must find a way to let the person who takes care of you understand it. Otherwise, it may cause family conflicts when it is serious. It is important to remember that maternal mood is not good, irritability, easy to cry, etc. It is definitely not a squeaky, but a physiological reaction. Especially those families whose mother-in-law cares for their daughter-in-law, and whose relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is more important, let your husband know about this article so that everyone will not feel bad. If you ask for a new moon, she must be able to do the above. My family’s Lunar New Year always puts “I think… Of course, I don’t necessarily say it right! You refer to it.” This kind of words are hanging on the mouth, so that everyone can understand some things, and they will not feel that she is commanding and guiding. What, and she usually talks to me and listens to me for a lot of time. ● maternal rest environment cleaning [total operating procedures] is mainly divided into three steps: indoor cleaning and disinfection before ventilation, indoor ventilation, ventilation and humidity adjustment 1. Indoor cleaning and disinfection before ventilation ■ Preparation before ventilation: Please leave the ventilation room, then carry out indoor dust removal, clean up debris, and organize bedding. ■ Spray the ground with 1:500 of 84 disinfectant, and wipe the table and chair and other indoor equipment. After 5~10 minutes, open the window and ventilate. 2. Indoor ventilation ■ The doors and windows of the room open to convect the air for at least 20 minutes. If the smell of the disinfectant is not exhausted, continue to ventilate until tasteless. 3. After ventilation, when the room temperature reaches about 22 ° C ~ 26 ° C, please enter the maternal and newborn, and then ventilate other rooms according to the same procedure. [Precautions] ■ Strictly follow the instructions of the disinfectant to adjust the concentration to avoid respiratory irritation due to excessive concentration. ■ If there are other children in the family, the disinfectant should be properly stored to avoid the danger of children eating. ■ Pay attention to the room temperature change after ventilation, and avoid the maternal entry when the temperature difference between other rooms is too large. [Tools and materials] Disinfectant, classified rags and plastic gloves, room thermometers, hygrometers. [Related knowledge] ■ Because the maternal sweating should avoid convective wind, the electric fan and air conditioning wind should not be blown directly to avoid cold. ■ It is not advisable to place too many flowers in the maternity room. It is especially not suitable to breed aromatic flowers and trees to avoid allergic reactions in the mother and newborn. ■ It is not advisable to have a pet at home. ■ The maternal room should be relatively quiet, not too quiet, and can be soft background music for the rest of the woman. Note: It is not advisable to keep pets. It may only be written when the monthly training is carried out to avoid the responsibility of the new moon. The key to raising a baby depends on the character of your pet and the mastery of it. My dog ​​has been raised, the baby is very good, and the baby can contact with the pet to get a trace of bacteria in the pet, not only will not get sick, but also help to improve immunity. I strongly oppose the abandonment of pets for children. If you don’t raise them at the beginning, you will be responsible for them. My family has a good time with my dog, as long as everyone remembers to wash their hands after touching the pet. Of course, if your pet jumps up and down to the point where it is a threat to your baby’s safety, you should take proper control. In addition, with the problem of cooking in front, the duty of Yuelu is only to clean the environment where the mother and the baby live. It is not every corner of the whole family, so don’t ask too much. If she cleans the whole family, remember to thank her. My family started cleaning our family after the baby was a little older, but in order for her to put more energy and time on the baby, we still asked someone to clean it. Everyone can understand each other to create harmony! For more information on feeding and health care nipples, please consult the official micro-signal of “Good Friend”. .

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