Yang Hongwu died of myocardial infarction!


On December 5, actor Yang Hongwu died of a sudden myocardial infarction at the age of 58.His son Yang Jin forwarded Weibo on December 6 to confirm the death, saying that “there was no pain for my father.”Yang Hongwu is a national first-class actor, a member of the Chinese Dramatists Association, a member of the Chinese Drama Research Association, and a member of the Zhejiang Film Artists Association. His representative works include “The Great Song of the Song Dynasty”, “Strange Chivalry”, “The Secret History of Wu Zetian”, etc.Cardiovascular accidents are high in winter. In addition to our well-known chest pain, don’t ignore these atypical symptoms of myocardial infarction!1. Toothache, mandibular pain, neck and shoulder pain. Toothache caused by heart disease is called “cardiogenic toothache” in medicine.When a patient has a toothache, the pain is often severe, but the pain location is not exact, and it cannot be relieved even when taking painkillers.Radiation pain in the neck or tingling in the back of the chest usually occurs.When patients are accompanied by sweating, pale, and dying, they should be alert to acute myocardial infarction.2. Dizziness and headache For the elderly, most of them have problems such as three highs, vascular sclerosis, and cerebral circulation disorders. They often appear as dizziness, headache, indifferent expression, lethargy, and consciousness disturbance.It is worth noting that when the myocardial infarction is severe, it will be accompanied by clinical manifestations like stroke, such as paralysis or sudden loss of consciousness, convulsions.3, palpitations and dyspnea. For the elderly, atypical symptoms of painless myocardial infarction often occur, especially in patients with diabetes.When patients have symptoms such as abdominal discomfort, palpitations, belching, hypotension, shock and other symptoms, they must be vigilant against myocardial infarction.This is mainly due to diabetic patients or elderly with autonomic dysfunction and poor pain sensitivity.According to statistics, in 50% of patients, especially the elderly, the symptoms of myocardial infarction are not typical.Therefore, in addition to paying attention to chest tightness and chest pain, you also need to know more about other atypical symptoms of myocardial infarction in order to identify and seek medical treatment in time.

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What about deciduous tooth caries?


A common sense: humans first grow deciduous teeth, and then gradually change to permanent teeth in their teens.But as a child with deciduous teeth, it is also a time when dental caries are prone.Many children do not know how to take good care of their teeth. In addition, children prefer to eat sweets. If parents do not control the intake of sweets, they may cause bacteria to invade the gums and cause dental caries.Some parents may think that deciduous tooth caries is irrelevant, just replace it. In fact, this is not the case, and deciduous tooth caries should be taken seriously!Pay attention to the baby’s deciduous teeth. Early detection of caries shows that dental caries usually have relatively obvious characteristics. Black spots or black holes will appear on the teeth. Dental caries will cause symptoms of tooth pain. When the condition is not too serious, some people’s permanent teeth grow out.It really does get better after replacing baby teeth.However, there are also many people who have not treated the caries of their deciduous teeth, which has inhibited the growth of permanent teeth, resulting in inadequate tooth positions and unevenness. Therefore, even if the child will change teeth later, he should treat the caries in time.The treatment of deciduous teeth caries depends on the severity of the dental caries. If the roots have not been injured, the treatment method is to remove the necrotic teeth and fill the cavities with fillers.full.On the first day of filling your teeth, pay attention to eating soft foods. After the second day of recovery, you can eat normally.If the root is injured, the situation is more serious, and root canal treatment must be performed before dental filling treatment.Treating deciduous teeth does not mean once and for all!Finishing the treatment of dental caries does not mean once and for all. Human teeth may have dental caries at any time.In addition to going to the hospital regularly to check the condition of your teeth, it is best to protect yourself from your usual habits. Do not eat too much sweets, and it is best to eat less sweets at night.Always brush your teeth every morning and evening, even the food residues we ingest can cause bacterial growth.The above is the answer to how to do dental caries. Many children start to have tooth decay when they are relatively young. This requires parents to supervise their children to brush their teeth and control the amount of sweets they eat.Guide your child to develop a good habit of brushing their teeth regularly and check your child’s dental health ( original content, which can not be reproduced without authorization, offenders must be investigated.For content cooperation, please contact: 0000 or 0000

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